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We apologize that the blog has not gone out recently, we will get you caught up shortly.  We do have an urgent need, and we desperately need your support. We had no chance to fundraise before these 12 horses came to us.  Please, click here right now.

Here’s how it happened.  We started getting emails from people regarding Shasta County Animal Control.  They are switching everything to Haven Humane Society, Shasta County Animal Control will no longer exist.  Haven Humane Society couldn’t take the horses that were at Animal Control, and all the horses would be euthanized if no one would give them a chance.

Cathy made contact with Shasta County Animal Control about one of the horses while Jason and Tawnee were on their 1 week vacation (the first in 8 years since they began rescuing horses.)  Before she knew it, 12 horses were scheduled to come her way.  She began to panic, she couldn’t get in touch with Jason and Tawnee, and all she knew was that a very large group of horses were coming her way with no financial assistance.

The horses at the Animal Control were mostly Arab’s, with 2 that are different breeds.  There were 3 mature stallions that were not halter trained, they had no training whatsoever.

They are beautiful and majestic, but dangerous and sadly unadoptable due to their owner not doing what needed to be done years ago, and at the bare minimum halter training them.

There are many sweet and beautiful mares.  All of them had a history of neglect, but by looking at them now you would never know.

We are told by Animal Control that these horses were all extremely emaciated when they were seized.

Thankfully some of the mares were halter trained.  At least someone in their past had put time and effort into them.

This is a sweet older gelding who just wanted to be loved on.

This stallion had been gelded just one week before heading our way.

This is another untrained mature stallion.

This is a very pretty mare with a very cute face.

This is yet another mare.  Brood mares from a breeding operation that went bust.

Cathy was extremely nervous not being able to get in touch with Jason and Tawnee, but she didn’t want to say “No” to these horses.  Sunday morning 12 horses were scheduled to come to the shelter.  Tawnee called in Saturday night and found a very distraught Cathy on the other end of the phone.  “There’s 12 horses coming from Animal Control tomorrow, there’s 7 horses at the SAFE Surrender Site, help!”  19 horses in just a few days since going on vacation?  Jason and Tawnee interrupted their vacation at 4:45 am Sunday morning and headed back to the shelter.  It’s a good thing they weren’t in Hawaii, they were just 3 hours away.  They had been gone for about 4 days and the shelter was bulging at the seams with new arrivals.  We are the countries only open door shelter for horses, which is extremely nerve wracking at times, but we know we can count on you for financial support.

Sunday morning 3 trailers pulled into the shelter.  They started unloading their precious cargo.  All the horses were safely settled at the shelter, and for those that needed it, directly at our vet office.  3 of the stallions were completely unadoptable and were taken to the vet for the Last Act of Kindness.  If only their owner had done something with them, gelded them, halter trained them, something, they would be able to have a great chance at finding a forever home.  It broke our hearts, but knowing that the remaining 9 horses would have a chance to find homes made it worth it.  Sunday evening, after everything was done, Jason and Tawnee headed back on the 3 hour drive to their vacation.

Wednesday, when Jason and Tawnee got back from vacation, the horses were all doing fine at the shelter and Tawnee started doing research.  The horses had been seized in 2008 in a big cruelty case.  There had to be information about it somewhere on the internet.

Tawnee found a forum which had a poor skinny horse standing in a muddy corral.  The forum indicated that the breeder, Brent Painter, who had been breeding Arabians since the 1960’s, had become another abuser.  After Animal Control left, the forum indicated that Brent went out and shot horses that were supposed to be examined by a vet just to get rid of them so he didn’t have the expense.  So often people get in trouble with Animal Control and do anything they can to make the problem seemingly go away.  To read the forum, click here.

Tawnee found on Pet-Abuse and the local newspaper that this year the court case was finally over and Brent was placed on probation for 3 years, in which time he could not be around horses.  To read the news article, click here.

One interesting place that Tawnee found in the research sickened her.  It was on a beef magazine website where Brent Painter says that the county was violating his rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Starving horses to death is his idea of a constitutional right?  Sick!  To read it, click here.

After that research was done, Tawnee got on the Arabian database and started figuring out who these horses really are.

The horses came with names from Shasta County Animal Control.  Tawnee was able to find many of their registered names.  This is MAHAWKA LA HALLOW aka Mowhawka.  He is a 25 year old gelding.  He is very sweet and loves people.  He is well mannered and may be trained to ride.

This may be MARESHA LA HALLOW.  She came with the name Kiki.  If this is her she is a 25 year old mare.  We do not know if she is halter trained, but she is very beautiful.

This is LA HALLOW GRECECA, aka Graceeka.  She is an 18 year old mare.  We do not know if she is halter trained yet.

This pretty girl is believed to be URANZCA LA HALLOW aka Rosie.  Her markings match up with her registration information.  If it is her, she is 21 years old.

We believe this is BEECZAU LA HALLOW aka Spice.  If so, she is also 21 years old.  She is a very sweet girl.

We couldn’t identify this mare, but she is curious of people and wants a home and attention.

Now we were informed that these two youngsters were geldings, but they are not.  They will need to be gelded so they can live happy normal lives, and be able to find a loving home.

It will cost us about $600 to geld these two boys, seen above and below.  These are both yearlings, not halter trained, but they are curious and want attention.  These guys were not part of the Arabian seizure but were at Shasta County Animal Control and needed help.

You can watch these horses come in by watching our latest video on Youtube.  Click here.

We are the only open door shelter for horses, but only because we know we can count on you.  We are counting on you now, please help.  Our feed prices just went up by 20%, please do what you can to help.  Every dollar really does help, click here.

We will catch you up on everything that happened over the last week while Jason and Tawnee were on vacation in the next blog, but we will let you know that over 20 horses came into the shelter during their absence.  Wow, what a busy week!

Thank you in advance for your support.

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