Thanks to so many people clicking the “Like” button on our Facebook page, we now have over 13,000 fans!  We still need a bit over 3,000 fans to get the full donation pledge of 55 cents per new fan by July 31st, so we still need your help.  This is a great milestone, we are almost halfway there!  Please copy and paste this onto your Facebook page to help send people our way and get them to do the same:

“Horse Plus Humane Society needs your help.  For every new like they get on Facebook, 55 cents is donated to help the animals at their shelter.  Please Like them, share with your friends and copy/paste this on your wall.  Thanks for your help!  http://facebook.com/horsehumane”

If each one of our Facebook fans got one of their friends to like us, we would have 26,000 fans just like that.  This is easy!  We can get easily get 3,000 fans in 3 days.  So far almost $986.70 has been raised for free.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, the Urgent Need fundraiser is finished.  The phone call was placed to the vet and Shiloh and Reggie are scheduled for their gelding operation.  Reggie and Shiloh don’t know it, but they are actually thankful that they will be getting gelded soon.

In the last blog we mentioned we didn’t have an adoption photo of Blaze.  His new mom quickly posed in the pen and sent us a great photo of them together.  They look so happy together!

Tuesday at the shelter some new fencing was going in.  It put huge grins on everyone’s faces as it looks so nice and clean.

Phoenix and Napoleon’s pens were definitely getting a face lift.  We are testing this fencing to make sure it works for the long term before fundraising for several thousand feet.

Channel 12 from Chico came out to do a news story on how many horses need homes.  Tawnee was more than happy to show them all the horses that desperately need homes at the shelter.  They also helped spread the word about our Facebook fundraiser as well.  A huge thank you to Channel 12, we really appreciate you guys coming out.

Macho Man was hoping he would be in the news too, but Dottie and Shadow got the airtime this time.  Sorry Macho Man, maybe next time.

Some folks came out to look at the horses.  Now with our new visiting times (Mon – Thursday, 1:00 – 4:00) we have people coming out on an almost daily basis looking at the horses.  It is really great!  We still take appointments on Sunday for those that work Monday – Friday.

At the end of the day Phoenix’s pen was just gleaming.  It just looks nice and we are all proud of it.

We hope to have this fencing all over the shelter.  It is pretty economical and time will tell if it works for a long term solution or not.  Just so we don’t have to answer your questions on how to make the fence, the white posts are 2″ PVC over T-Posts with a 2″ PVC cap.  The corners are braced with a 2″ septic Y painted white with a ground brace to hold it securely.  The white rails are 4″ white tape, then on the inside (both sides if there are horses sharing a fence line) is electric to keep the horses from pushing it all over.  It’s all tightened together with ratchet straps, which over time you can keep ratcheting to tighten it all up.

You’re probably wondering where to get it.  FarmTek is the place to buy the white tape.  Everything else can come from Home Depot or Lowes.  To visit FarmTek’s page about the white fencing, click here. You can get special brackets to hold the fencing, but we simply used 1″ white strap cut to length and screwed it directly onto the white posts, allowing the 4″ rails to slide freely when ratcheted down.

Phoenix really loves his new pen.  Let’s hope it lasts many many years.

The news story was definitely worth reading and watching.  We are reaching out to bring awareness to people to let them know there are horses at the shelter that need homes.  To see the news story, click here.

If you want to watch the news story, click here. Then you have to scroll over to 3:56 in the timeline, let it load and watch it.  We are the only open door facility for horses, and with that comes a tremendous financial burden.  We really appreciate KHSL Channel 12 for bringing awareness.

Many thanks to Gail G. and Tiffany O. for their generous donations today!  We really appreciate it.

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