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California passed an interesting law recently that takes effect January 1st.  This law does a lot of good things, including “…or who drives, rides, or otherwise uses the animal when unfit for labor, is guilty of a crime punishable as a misdemeanor or as a felony, or alternatively as a misdemeanor or a felony and a fine of not more than $20,000.”  This will do a lot of good for horses, as long as it is enforced. We have seen such lame horses being ridden through auctions that should have never been forced to carry someone.  One horse we purchased at a livestock auction had a broken neck and was forced to be ridden through.  You can watch his video, which has never been released to the public before now, by clicking here. The auction has since closed so we are releasing the video.  When the video was uploaded in 2009 it was seen by selected people in hopes that we could do something about it.  Unfortunately, nothing legally could be done, but now with the new law, law enforcement could fully prosecute the guy that rode him through.  Let’s hope law enforcement will enforce this law!

Channel 12 did a news clip on it, you can watch it by clicking here.

Wednesday Key’s was adopted and went to his new home!  We are so excited for Key’s and Susan.  We hope them the best.  Not much else happened on Wednesday, Cathy did a lot of cleaning in the utility room and the tack room.  Unfortunately there isn’t a camera at the shelter, the adoption photo was taken with Susan’s smart phone and emailed to us.  If anyone has an extra digital camera sitting around that works, drop it in the mail to us, it will be greatly appreciated!

Napoleon’s pen was completed, but Napoleon wanted to stay out in the herd.  So, we decided to let the Wood Duck gang occupy his new pen.  They sure love it!

Ducky is such a cute donkey and it is so great having Woody with him.  Woody is so loving and kind, he walks over to the fence anytime you come near.  Now Ducky is starting to follow him to the fence too.  Good boy Woody, we’ll have Ducky tamed in no time at all!

Phoenix doesn’t mind having long eared neighbors.  He thinks they are funny looking and sound odd, but he doesn’t say it too loud because those big ears hear almost everything.

The new pen had just gotten done and the phone rang.  “Could you take 5 pigs?  4 sows, one may be pregnant, and 1 boar.”  Um, we have nowhere for pigs and no money to make pig pens.  It turns out that there is a Humane Society that had 5 pigs that were legally seized from an abuse case that had no where to go.  Tawnee told Larry on the phone that we could take them, if they could buy the fencing and feed for the pigs they could foster them at our shelter until other arrangements could be made.

A visitor showed up at the shelter with a giant bag of carrots.  Thank you so much!  The horses always love visitors that bring them gifts.

She has a unique problem.  Her husband is allergic to horses.  No, really, he is allergic to horses.  Not just mentally allergic, he is allergic to horses.  They have 2 girls who are just dying to have their own horses, but with dad being terribly allergic to horses, this presents a real problem that demands a solution.  After doing some research, she came to our shelter.

The research she has done shows that Curly horses are hypo-allergenic.  Meaning, people who are allergic to horses should not be allergic to Curly horses.

She brought one of her husband’s shirt and rubbed it all over Breeze.

Soon she had Curly hair all over the shirt.  She said that one time they were around horses and when they got home they took off their clothes and put them in the laundry, but her husband got to close to the clothes and had a full on allergy attack.  We’ll see what happens, hope for the best.

We hope that it works out.  Tawnee says she may have to come back for further testing as the Curly’s are in with standard horses, which may have messed up the experiment.

Larry called back and said that the Humane Society would buy the fencing if we could set it up and take the pigs, and that they would be most grateful!  So, Jason hooked up to the trailer and off they went after closing time.

The funny thing is, Jason and Tawnee have been at the shelter until 9:00 pm almost every night this week.  Before the phone call came in, they were commenting how nice it would be to quit at quitting time.  No such luck.

Soon they were at Tractor Supply where the needed supplies were.

Waify was excited to go shopping too.  She always loves sitting in the cart watching the world go by.

There was one problem: where do you buy pig feed?  Dog food is easy to find.  Chicken food right there.  The horse food is in everyone’s memory.  But no one has bought pig food before.

Finally after asking it was located and loaded up.

At the checkout Tawnee called the Humane Society, handed her phone to the cashier and they punched in their credit card.

Then the material had to be loaded up.  If you are noticing the yellow shirts, Jason and Tawnee donated blood.  They were told to take it easy for 48 hours and not work up a sweat.  Jason says just living works up a sweat these days.

Donating blood is a great way to save a human life!  If everyone does what they can, much will be accomplished.  Take a few minutes out of your day to make a difference.  If want to donate blood, go to their website, enter your zipcode and find out where you can do it.  You get cool t-shirts and yummy snacks.   Click here.

Soon the hog panels were in the trailer.  Tawnee was skeptical that those short panels can hold in 750 lb hogs, but they are named hog panels.

Larry is the only volunteer who knows about pigs it seems.  He knew just how to set it all up so the pigs will stay safely inside their pen.  We are going to call this Pig Palace.

Tawnee and Jason were skeptical and decided that panels should be put up, then the hog panels attached to the panels for extra security.  Those pigs have to stay in their palace.

Dottie watched with amazement, wondering what was happening next to her pen.  She’ll find out soon.  Notice we didn’t use the nicest panels on the place for the pig palace.

Dottie kept watching with her big eyes wondering if she is going to have some new horsey friends next door.

The panels were all up, then the hog panels had to be wired onto everything.  Thankfully we had already planned to have pens here and had posts cemented into the ground.

About 8:30 the pens were almost getting done.  We would like to thank the volunteers who responded to the phone calls for help.  We had a great team come together to get the Pig Palace built in only a couple hours.

Tawnee went to get one of the water troughs that wasn’t being used.  She dumped out the water and to her surprise there was a snake curled up under there.

Thankfully it was a harmless snake. He is just going to have to find another place to live.

The Pig Palace was finally done and is so strong and sturdy.  It’s just waiting for the pigs.  Everything is reinforced, we fully expect the pigs to stay in their palace.

Dottie is just amazed at all the activity.  She knows that she will be getting some new furry four legged friends soon.  Little does she know what they will be…

Many thanks to Gay B., Kelly S., Adrienne S., Yvonne W., Joan W., Carla G., Capital One, Laurie D., Mark N., Julie L., Pet Country, Rebecca O., Michelle T., Howard N. and Jennifer L. for their generous donations!

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