The official Facebook ‘Like’ fundraiser is over.  We got 2,413 new likes, and that’s $1,327.15 for the animals at our shelter.  Thank you so much each and every one that shared, liked and told your friends to do the same.  It will really made a difference!

A great big truck and trailer was pulling into the shelter.  What could it be?

If you haven’t already guessed, that’s right, the pigs were finally here.

The trailer started backing up to our newly constructed Pig Palace.  Everyone couldn’t wait to see them.

The pretty pink girls got out first.

Then the manly looking boar got out into his separate pen.  No playing with the girls, we have enough pigs at the shelter now.

Dottie couldn’t believe her eyes.  What were those new neighbors?  Huge pink bodies with little tiny legs that talk in a really weird language.

Her eyes looked like they may pop out.  She just couldn’t believe it.

Soon the hose was brought into the pen to make the ground softer and cooler.

Ahh, that’s more like it.  Pigs and mud, there’s nothing quite like it.

After a little digging and positioning, a couple of the girls were getting some serious sleep after their long trip.

They are all very friendly pigs and like to put their noses into the camera.

The pig palace is complete with some nice shade cloth to keep them all cool.

They are enjoying the shade.

Believe it or not, this little girl wants a home where she won’t be munched or sizzled.  She would love to have a place to root around, eat yummy food and enjoy her days.

We are providing a temporary home for the 5 pigs and are trying to find them homes.  Sierra Foothill Humane Society seized 76 animals, including these 5 pigs, and are also looking for homes and a place for them to go.  If you can provide a loving non-commercial home for these pigs, please let us know right away!  You can read the news article about the seizure by clicking here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had pig(s.)  If you haven’t read enough about pigs, there is a hilarious story about Gopher, the first pig we ever rescued years and years ago when we were just starting out.  When we were founded, our name was NorCal Equine Rescue, which we outgrew a couple years ago as we rescue a lot further than Northern California and we help far more animals than just equines (horses, donkeys, mules, etc.)  That’s why the name was changed.  It’s a great story, one of the comments says: “Oh this story made me laugh out loud.” It’s a really funny story, click here.

Many thanks to Joan W. for her generous donation!  We really appreciate it.

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