Our friends at Home at Last have made us an amazing offer.  They are willing to sell us one of their tractors, a 4 wheel drive diesel tractor, for only $5,500, and the funds will all go to help the horses at their sanctuary.  Annabelle, a horse that came through our shelter, is needing an expensive surgery along with other special needs horses.  We, on the other hand, desperately need a tractor at the shelter.   Your tax deductible donation will not only help our shelter get a tractor, it will help the rescued and retired horses at Home at Last.  It’s win-win all around!  To donate, click here.

We got a great update about Hershy and Kisses, who were adopted from us in April.  Somehow the blog never got out when Hershy and Kisses were delivered to their home, but they are doing great.  Many of you will remember Hershy and Kisses by the fundraiser we did on Ebay, giving the right to name the baby.  The bid went up over $200, which was going to pay for her vet bills, but sadly the person who won the bid wasn’t interested in paying.  It’s sad what people who are pro-slaughter will do to hinder our efforts.  If you missed the blog where Kisses came into the world, click here.

Tuesday morning started off a little bit differently than most days.  There were 15 Alpaca’s being boarded near us that needed a ride home.  We do transporting to bring in funds to the shelter.

They were so cute!  They looked wide eyed and curious as if to say “What are you doing here?”

Soon they were all loaded up and ready to head home.

All 15 Alpalca’s, according to Jason, weigh less than 2 horses in the trailer.

They looked so happy eating all the green grass.  Their mommy was so glad that we were able to transport them for her.  Thank you for making a donation above the transporting costs too!

Wednesday, Jason was busy loading up a shelter into the stock trailer.  EQ-Wine Covers had donated a shelter to Home at Last and we had picked it up.  It had been sitting at our shelter on the ground ever since.  It was high-time to get it up to Home at Last.

In the hot sun the metal is so hot to touch, but Jason got it in anyway.

It was strange driving to Home at Last without having a new furry arrival for them, but we knew they would be happy to get their shelter.

In no time at all the shelter was unloaded.

Jim and Donna wanted to show us the tractor.  They had talked to us over the phone about it, but now we needed to figure out if it would work for us or not.  After driving it around and checking everything out, Jason says it would be a huge help at the shelter.  Please donate right now, it will help us and help the horses at the sanctuary too.  Click here.

After leaving Jim and Donna’s we headed to the vet where Reggie and Shiloh needed to be moved from their holding area to stalls so they can be gelded.  We would like to thank everyone who made their gelding operation possible, they are really gorgeous boys.

They walked right up and hopped into the trailer.  They probably thought they were going for a long drive.

In less than 10 minutes they were safely settled into their individual stalls.

No doubt they are really wondering what is happening.  Their future will be much brighter after their surgery and they will be able to come back to the shelter and socialize with other horses.  Please spread the word about these beautiful boys, they will be available for adoption as soon as they recover from their gelding operation.

D.C. was waiting for a ride to the shelter.  He was more than happy to walk over to the trailer.

A quick photo was taken of him.  He is so stunning.

His eyes were bugging out at the all the new sights at the shelter while he unloaded. Were there really a bunch of friends to play with?

D.C. was soon settled in and looking around.

“Ahh, there’s the food.”  Typical guy.

The pigs still need a home.  They are enjoying their stay at the pig palace, but spread the word if anyone wants a big friendly pig as a pet to come visit these girls.

Tawnee really appreciates all the friend requests she gets on Facebook, however she only has family and close friends on her personal Facebook.  She has made a new page where anyone can become her friend by liking the page. To visit it, click here.

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Stephanie J., Gail G., Cindy R., Kaisa Y., Glennis R., Elizabeth C., James G., Roberta A. and Joni M. for their generous donations.

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