A horse was brought to our SAFE Surrender Site by a concerned individual.  The poor horse is absolutely heartbreaking, one of the skinniest horses we have ever rescued.  He is about as skinny as Phoenix was when he was rescued.

We were told that his owners left the country and abandoned him to die in a pen.  This poor guy, you can see every bone in his body.  We were not sure what we were going to be able to do for this poor boy.  It takes a lot of money and about 6 months of 24/7 vet care, often including blood transfusions, to bring a horse this emaciated back to health.  We posted his pictures on Facebook and donations started coming in so we could try to save him. Katie H on Facebook suggested the name Spero, meaning Hope in Latin, and the name fits very well.

The estimated quote for 6 months of rehab at the vet hospital is a minimum of $4,000, which includes his gelding operation when he is strong enough to have the surgery.  Folks started posting on their Facebook walls and donations started flowing in.  So far we have raised $1,050, leaving $2,950 left to go to meet the goal for Spero’s rehab.  Please, donate today to help Spero.  Click here.

Phoenix was rescued in May of 2009, and he was at that point the skinniest horse we had ever come across that was still alive.  He was left starving in a field of poisonous weeds.

But today, Phoenix is a healthy happy horse, which gives us great hope for Spiro.

Spiro, unlike Phoenix’s body was, is covered with injuries.  He has a gaping hole in his hip, along with numerous other nicks, cuts and other injuries covering his whole body.  Please keep Spero in your thoughts and prayers.  We want to let Spero know that there are people in this world that do care.

Somehow on Thursday’s blog, this horse being surrendered didn’t get in there.

Meet Dante, a 16 year old, 16 hand Quarter Horse gelding.  He is trained to ride and is a very mellow, gorgeous boy.  When his owner purchased him, the seller ‘forgot’ to mention that he has ringbone in both front feet.  It is manageable with riding on level ground and Bute, but where his mom lived it was just too much for him.

Now this absolutely gorgeous boy is looking for a new home.  One where he can go on occasional rides, sit back and enjoy being a horse.

Friday Macho Man found himself loading up into the trailer.  Where was he going this time?

The Wood Duck gang was also loading up.

After a drive the Wood Duck gang was looking out of the trailer at their new home.

They are going to be so spoiled rotten!  Cathy, who answers the phones, and her daughter adopted them.  They are going to have the best of care and constant attention no doubt.  We are so happy that the Wood Duck gang gets to stay together, they became best friends at the shelter.

Then it was off to Wal-Mart to do a booth.  Macho Man loves getting out and having grand adventures.

Soon the booth was set up, but we didn’t realize it until doing the blog pictures that the roof looked kind of funny.  Next time we’ll have to step back and make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Despite the funny roof, the kids loved coming and petting Macho Man.  Macho Man is definitely the attention getter, and people can’t believe that he is such a well mannered little horse.

Tawnee gives Macho Man a good massage during the events to help pass the time.  As you can tell, he really enjoys it.

We had a new volunteer help out at the booth.  She was awesome and hopes to help out in future booths.  Thank you so much!

Finally the booth was over and $194.53 was raised to help care for the horses.

Meet Tommy, a 20 year old double registered (Arabian Horse Association, American Horse Show Association) gelding, who was surrendered Friday.  He even has his passport!  The note with him said: “Tommy is Double registared Arabian/Sport Horse. He does have a passport, as he was a back up horse for the United States Olympic Endurance Team in the 90s. He was an Endurance horse for many years but due to not vet checking (he would not relax) at stops he was re-started on Dressage. There is NOTHING wrong with him. If you know something about endurance horses ( I don’t) at the vet stops your horse needs to settle and vet out to continue. From his previous owners told us this. My mom did some trail trials with him and dressage in the arena. He is my Moms horse that we can no longer afford to keep.  She is getting up there in age and does not ride anymore.  Tommy is so well mannered on the ground. He has been barefoot trimmed for 3 years now.  We are sorry to see him go, but can’t keep up the cost of feeding.  He is up to date on all shots, and trims. Teeth checked 2 weeks ago and DO NOT need floating! He is totally sound. One last thing, Tommy has a lot of get up and go, with this being said he is not a beginners horse or a kids horse. He does not rear or buck, trailers, sometimes pulls back when tied. Calm on the ground, big stride under saddle.”

Meet Griffin, an 8 year old off the track Thoroughbred, who was surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site.  His registered name is Cloudy Sailing.  He was last raced August 11th, 2007.  He came with a great write-up which we really appreciate!

“Griffin is a sweet well mannered gentleman.  No buck, not spooky.  He has primarily been used for trail riding and once in awhile for ponying a young horse or two.  Has experience in the mountains. Arena work was done to work on maintaining consistent pace and control and to work on turns and stops. He’s an ex race horse but was only raced four times. Knows leg commands and neck reins. Crosses water, prefers to jump over trail entrance barriers and logs rather than step over. He has a fast walk, a very comfortable collected slow trot and lope and also has a fast ground covering trot. Great with farrier, dental, shots, trailering. He is good with other horses but he is not a pushover.

Saddle fit: He is somewhat difficult to fit. A gaited horse saddle works well on him. Other saddles aren’t wide enough or don’t clear his withers or are too long for his short back. If the saddle pinches him he will start walking when you go to get on or he will walk out with his head and neck held high.

Bit: He is fairly light mouthed. His reward for being good is a slack rein. He does best in a short shanked moderate bit with a dog bone.

Shoes: Currently shod with KB Navicular aluminum shoes size 1 in front and regular shoes on rear. Vet recommended reshoeing once more in the special shoes and then transition to a regular squared off shoe with pad in rear to continue to provide lift as heels are too low. Heels need to be at least 3 to 5 degrees because he currently has a 2 degree coffin angle. Toes should be kept trimmed short. Has been having sporadic lameness. Especially the right front. Xrays in June revealed some navicular changes. Shod with special shoes in July which has helped. Seems to be comfortable with light riding. He is normally eager to go out for a ride. If he acts resistant to going out, stops at entrance then he is feeling lame but may not limp. Rest a few days and then he’s usually ready to go on a ride. Last shoeing was 6/20/11.

Feed: He has a higher metabolism than most horses so needs extra flakes of hay to maintain body weight. Also he has had ulcers in the past so feeding a scoop of rice bran with Ulcerguard every couple of days and a probiotic keeps him healthy. He prefers soft brushes but he is normally not sensitive being brushed on the belly. If he becomes sensitive it’s a sign that he needs to be given Ulcerguard more regularly.

Shots: Up to date on shots. Was given 5 way on March 9, 2011. Rotational worming done regularly. “

We have a new video up for you to watch, it is some footage of horses relaxing on a sunny summer afternoon.  You’ve got to watch D.C., who is falling asleep, but then keeps jerking back awake.  Finally he’s had enough and rolls over, then gets up.  Poor guy must have been having ‘those’ dreams.  To watch it, click here.

Many thanks to Annie W., Jenette S., Tandi C., Randy K., Norma C., Teresa L., Select Enterprise, Judy C., Stashing Vintage, Omar S., Pamela N., Marilyn R., Show Dressed Up, Cindy M., Yvonne W., Lance A., Kendra K., Michelle P., Howard N., Laura C., Jeanine H., Scott D., Karen C., Kimberly L., Wanda L., Cathy M., Brenda D., Iris S., Mariya Z., Linda K., Donna S., Quinn M., Anita C., Deborah J., Cathy M., Rosey’s Remedies, Anthony P., Nicole B., Sandra W., Hope S., Teena L., Karen M., Pamela R., Valerie T., Wanda R., Jan L., Ariel B., Joni C. and Kristina H. for their very generous donations!

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