A lots has happened this week and it’s time to catch you up!

This is an adorable picture of Presley that his mom sent us.  How cute!  Thanks for sending us the picture, we always love getting updates on our adoptees.

Sunday morning a horse was being surrendered.  She is a big beautiful mare.

She is not a stranger to us, she has a long history with us.  Every time we see her she is more and more gorgeous.

Beauty was born to a PMU mare in Canada, a by-product of the hormone replacement therapy drug manufacturing process. A PMU rescue was working hard to get the foals placed, but they were unable to find her a home. If no home was found, at the age of 6 months she would have been sent to slaughter. But, over a long chain of events, someone stepped forward and paid the transporting fee and got her to safety.

She first came to us April of 2005, she was donated into our program along with a number of other PMU yearlings.

When the PMU farm rounded up all the foals for sale they placed halters with tags on each foal. These are small foal halters. Unfortunately Beauty’s halter was never removed. She was a yearling wearing a foal halter when she came into our program. Her face was literally growing around her halter.

Two months after we removed her foal halter the imprint of the halter was still clearly marked on her face. Her bones and muscles looked as if they would be permanently marked by the neglected halter.

She was adopted out as a youngster, but then had to come back to us due to family circumstances.

Beauty was adopted out again to a very loving home, but sadly she was not able to stay in that home either.

Now she is back with us once again, looking for her 3rd home.  Let’s hope that 3 times a charm!  We are told she is trained to ride now and needs somebody that will spend lots of time with her.  She is 8 years old, foundation Quarterhorse.

We would like to thank you all for your extremely generous support for Spero, the horse featured in our last blog.  We are pleased to let you know that all the needed funds for Spero’s recovery have been donated.  Now the vet hospital is doing everything they can to get him back to health.

He is so incredibly skinny!

Jason did some filming of him to make a video that can be seen on Youtube, the link is at the end of the blog.

We would like to thank Home at Last for donating this dump truck to us.  Our goal is to sell the dump truck and use the money to buy the tractor.  It’s only $4,500 for a great running dump truck.  We will keep you posted on the tractor fundraising in the next blog.

Spero is getting hope in his eyes and the vet says he should make a full recovery.  He is young and has a very strong will to live.

Some new pens were being built at the shelter.  They look so nice! It takes a lot of 12 hour days for 4 people to get them up, but once they are done, the results are amazing.

Meet Ally, who is now in adoption pending.  She was surrendered to us, and a visitor to the shelter fell in love with her.

The Curley’s had a visit from their potential family.  The husband did fine on the allergy test, so we are quite hopeful that the adoption will go through.

There were lots of visitors at the shelter this week.  We are very excited about some potential adoptions.

Phoenix knows he’ll stay at the shelter forever, but he sure enjoys visiting the visitors.

Parcy just had to try and sneak a bit of soda.  He is such a funny guy!

Remember those 12 hour days?  This is what it looks like at the shelter when the moon comes up.

The horses weren’t sure why people were still there, but they were happy to say “Goodnight” hoping they would leave soon so they could go to sleep.

Banjo was adopted this week!  We are so excited for him, he has come such a long ways with us.

Banjo was a 7 year old stallion when we rescued him.  He was underweight and bedraggled.

4 months after being rescued he is a gorgeous gelding.

Banjo hopped in the trailer for the ride to his new home.

Before they drove away he peeked out of the trailer as if to say “Thank you for everything you have done for me.”

Finally the pens were all done.  How nice they look!  If we could get a whole lot more of these we would be so happy.  It would be so great to have each horse in their own pen.

A piggy update, the pigs had a feast this week as a church had a picnic and generously donated their left over treats to the pigs.  They really loved it!

At the Post Office we found a very special envelope.  A law firm had gotten all their employees to donate in honor of Spero.  Inside were a lot of generous checks!  Thank you all so much, your donations are greatly appreciated!

Friday morning Tawnee was looking at a whole bunch of makeup spread out on a pickup tailgate.

Tawnee was getting a makeover done by a volunteer makeup artist, Karrie.  We were shooting a TV commercial to bring awareness to horses and our organization.  Thank you Karrie for doing such a great job!  To visit her website and buy some makeup, click here.

At Look Ahead, the production team was busy shooting video of Spero.  He was a very good boy and did just what we wanted him to do for the commercial.

He walked back and forth for the camera a few times.  He enjoyed getting out of his stall and stretching his thin legs for the camera.

After the filming was done at the vet they caravaned to the shelter.

At the shelter they looked around and decided where they wanted to film.

They all fell in love with the pigs, but for some reason they didn’t want to adopt any.

Phoenix enjoyed having his video taken too.  It’s certainly not the first time that Phoenix has been on film, the first was when he was rescued.  It can be seen in the Equine Destiny documentary.  You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Then they moved out into the pasture to film the horses running by.  Dante was so curious and enjoyed watching.

Next they climbed on top of their van.

They no doubt got some great footage of Moniker being lunged.

We are very excited about this ad.  We are hoping to run it nationally.  If anyone is, or is friends with someone who is, in charge of advertising at a TV station and they could run the ad, please let us know.

You can watch the video we made of Spero by clicking here. The ad should be done next week and we will certainly be featuring it on Youtube, but for now enjoy this video that was made in house.

Thank you all for your financial support, it is greatly appreciated!

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