We would like to thank everyone who donated so generously for Spero.  We no longer need funds for Spero, but donations are always needed for the SAFE fund to rescue horses that are abused, neglected and unwanted.

We would like to remind you of the tractor we are wanting to purchase from Home at Last Sanctuary.  As you know, a tractor is very helpful and useful and Home at Last has one that would be perfect for us.  They are selling the tractor because they have horses that need extensive medical care, and the funds are dedicated for that.  By helping us buy the tractor, you will also be helping the horses at Home at Last.  They are only wanting $5,500 for a 4wd diesel tractor, and so far we have raised $515.  Still a ways to go, but we know that together we can make it happen.  To donate, click here.

We got a great update about Ace and Rio (not pictured.)  They are doing very well and love going on trail rides with their family.  They were adopted about a year ago.  Thanks for giving them such a great home!

Sunday, Butterfly and Curly Sue were loaded up into the back of an SUV.  They were finally going to their new forever home!

Their adopters were so excited to be adding them to their family.  Just look at the huge grins on their faces!

The Curly horses had a visit from their potential family again today.  The horse allergic husband had passed the allergy test, but he wanted to make sure with yet another shirt rub down.  He’s having a hard time believing that he is not allergic to these horses.

Last time he rubbed the dirty shirt all over his face, getting the curly’s horse hair all over his face, and seemed to do just fine.  This time he wants to wear the dirty shirt for a while to see if it affects him.  We’re confident he is going to pass this test too.

We feed alfalfa-oat cubes at the shelter, but we had some hay recommended to us at a really good price.  It was $75 a bale with a very nominal delivery fee.

They are huge round bales of nice yummy grass hay.

We have a couple round bale feeders for this very reason.  Soon the hay was in the pasture and the horses can eat whenever they feel like it.  It’s nice to have something yummy to munch on whenever you want.

Spero had something on his schedule Sunday too.  He had gotten enough strength to have his first bath.  It was a nice warm day and he was ready.

In this picture you can just imagine how good he will look all filled out.

Soon he was being misted over with the water, which he really enjoyed.

Then it was time for suds and bubbles.  He really enjoyed his path, you could see his lips move when that perfect spot was rubbed.  His eyes sparkled with delight.

It’s hard to believe how terribly skinny this poor guy is.

Tanwee could put her fist in between his back legs.  We are confident that in a few months this will all fill in.

When horses are extremely emaciated it seems they can not even maintain their own hair.  Phoenix was a good example of that, which you can see by clicking here.

His bath really highlighted his ribs sticking out and how skinny he really is.

When the camera was held above him, it’s just heartbreaking and shocking.

He knows that his skinny days will be behind him soon.  He is enjoying all the attention and food he is now getting.

Many thanks to: Kim L., Brooke P., Julie S., Betsy W., Julie J., Keesha D. and Jane A. for their very generous donations!  We really appreciate your support.

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