Special Announcement: We have many wonderful, yet untrained to ride, horses at the shelter who want a home to call their own.  If you are a previous adopter in good standing, we are waiving the adoption fees to previous adopters, although of course donations are always appreciated.  If you have adopted from us before, and have the ability to love and train a horse to ride, please call us and let us know: 530-282-5565.

Monday started out with D.C. and Beauty getting adopted.  Their new mom is so happy to have a couple new friends in her pasture.

Beauty didn’t want to get in the trailer, this is her 3rd time to leave us, but we told her that the 3rd time is the charm.  Her new mom promised her that this is her forever home.

D.C. was more than happy to head out on his new adventure.  He is such a pretty boy.

It was so cute watching them as the rig got ready to pull away.  You could see the excitement in their eyes.

Next a previously approved adopters came out and really fell in love with Misty.

Adoption papers were signed.  They were so happy to add Misty to their family and we know that she will be loved and cared for.

It was such a great day with 3 horses starting their new lives.  It was awesome!  Misty is a very lucky girl to be heading home with these folks.

She hopped right into the trailer and looked out saying “Goodbye” to her friends at the shelter.

Any guesses on who this boy is?

Less than 2 months ago, on June 21st, Marley came to us from the killer buyer and he looked like this.  Bedraggled, skinny and a very shabby coat.  You can read the blog when he came to us by clicking here.

It’s hard to believe that in less than 2 months he now looks like this.  It is amazing what food can do for a hungry animal.  He still has a ways to go to finish filling in those ribs.  He is such a friendly, outgoing gelding who is nicely halter trained.  He is about a year and a half old.  Maybe he could join your family?

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Chris H. for his generous donation!  We couldn’t do it without you.  To see your name here, click here.

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