We have very exciting news that thanks to Betsy W.’s generous donation of $1,000 towards the tractor, we now have $1,515 raised.  We need less than $4,000 and this awesome little tractor will be working at the shelter.  We can do it!  Click here.

We have a great story to tell you about a special horse named Buddy.  Back in March of 2009 we went to a livestock auction and rescued this poor horse.  You could tell by the look of his posture that he was very very sad.  To read the blog from that day, click here.

Two months later we had a great home lined up for Buddy.  His coat was now sleek and shiny, there was definitely a new look about him.  To read his adoption blog, click here.

We just got a great update about him today.  As you can tell from the picture he is doing so well.  His mom says: “Buddy is doing great, and has a forever home with us. He goes camping 1 week a year and the rest of the time he spends in a pasture. We ride maybe once a month. He is just a big pet/family member.”  We have to wonder where he would be if we had not rescued him?

We received the pledged donation to get the shelter roofs ready for the winter.  Jason and a volunteer were off to Home Depot to get the needed material.

Back at the shelter the ladder was leaned up against the shelters and the roofing projects were underway.

The roofs look so nice from up above, sadly only airplanes will be able to see it.

It’s a different view of the horses from up above.

It’s very hot working on roofing during the summer months, but the horses sure appreciate it.

Towards evening of course not all of the work was done, but they enjoyed seeing what had been done.  It was time to say “Goodnight” to all the animals at the shelter.

We’ve been getting quotes for our adoption center.  We have narrowed it down to two places, but the hardest problem we’re finding is that we can’t find a place that will loan money to a nonprofit. In Norway, https://loans.no/forbrukslan/ will loan money to non-profits, but a credit history must be established, which still is difficult for nonprofits.

We want to build the first building in the master plan, which can be seen by the arrow below.  It’s a 20 stall building with an office up front and wash racks with storage in the back.  It would be a great place for the horses to spend the coming winter.  The contractor says that once everything was ready and the cement slab was done, permits done, etc, the crew could build the barn in 12 days, ready for horses to walk in.  We can’t imagine how thrilling that would be.

This is to give you an idea what it would look like.  Wouldn’t that be exciting?  Pretty much the only plan we can go for right now is to find a private person who would finance the barn, then we would make payments to them.

Many thanks to: Emily J., Gail G., Jenette S., and Betsy W. for their generous donations.

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