We got one of the cutest adoption update photos we have ever had.  This is Forest, who we rescued from the Petaluma Livestock Auction.  He is now such a gorgeous boy and has such a loving home.  Thank you so much Diana for loving Forest and giving him all the care and love he can handle.

The 3rd Wednesday of every month is our Euthanasia Clinic.  At this clinic we had 4 horses, with 1 more scheduled to come in.  Our office and the vet office report that they are getting a lot of calls about the euthanasia clinic now, and with winter coming soon, we need to start fundraising for the monthly free clinic so that horse owners who have horses who will suffer this winter can give them the Last Act of Kindness.  We are thankful that we have been able to hold these clinics since Fall of 2008.  We have saved a lot of horses from suffering a long lingering death or the brutal trip to slaughter.

On a brighter note, a previous adopter came out to see if they could take advantage of our special offer for previous adopters.  Shanti had been in adoption pending, but the adoption didn’t work out.  After meeting Shanti, they really fell in love with her.

Shanti first came to our shelter July 8th, 2010, over a year ago.  She had people interested in her off and on, but no one ever took her home.  To read the blog when she came to the shelter, click here.

Shortly after Shanti came, a potential adopter visited her and really liked her.  Tawnee said that something wasn’t on the up and up…  There was just that weird gut feeling that something was wrong.

He submitted his adoption application, but didn’t fill it out completely as required.  He didn’t fill out the income box, along with some other red flags.  When Linda did his application, he refused to tell her how much he earns a year, and we require that information to ensure that people are able to care for the horse.  He was quite frustrated about it, he also did a horse camp and said that he should be able to adopt her.  After his application was denied, Tawnee answered the phone and got a very mysterious phone call, she immediately knew it was his voice, but he was trying to disguise it.  We put the phone call up on Youtube for everyone’s enjoyment.  He asked, among other things, if we adopted horses to the general public.  Then, do you need a certain amount of money.  Could the horses be worked?  So on, and so on.  By the end of the phone call, he was asking if he could eat the horse.  To listen to the interesting phone call, click here.

The previous adopter that came out really liked Shanti, but they also loved Tommy.

They couldn’t make up their minds whether they wanted to adopt Shanti or Tommy, they are both such nice horses.

By the end of the visit Tommy found himself in the trailer ready to head home.

Shanti also found herself in the trailer.  They did the logical thing and adopted both of them.  We told them that if one of them didn’t work out they are always welcome back, but we have a feeling that they both have their forever home.

We will always remember Shanti as a horse with a smile on her face.

Over the last year we have gotten some really adorable pictures of this very photogenic horse.  Good luck Shanti, we know you have a great home!

The last shelter was finally re-roofed.  It looks really great!

It’s so nice seeing all the shelters back together.

The goal with these shelters is eventually to have 20 pens where each horse can have its own pen.  This is a diagram of what it will look like.  We are working on getting the pricing all ironed out for fencing.  For those of you who are new to the blog, we have only had this property for less than 2 years, and it was completely bare. We have been working hard getting it set up with your help.

It would be such a huge blessing to have each horse in its own individual pen, knowing that that horse is eating just its perfect amount of food each day.  The benefits are endless.

Many thanks to Sheri B. for her generous monthly support.

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