As you know, we are holding a fundraising for getting a tractor and said tractor will probably need a spare tractor tire or two. We would like to go into a little more detail. First of all the good news, thanks to some very generous donations, we are currently at $1,540. We need $5,500, so we have less than $4,000 left to go.

The tractor is a 4wd diesel tractor that is very similar to those found on fastline.com. As you can imagine, it would really benefit from a new shelter. Cleaning pens, spreading gravel, levelling the ground, maintaining the driveway and parking lot, the list goes on and on. To help out, click here.

Home, at Last, is wanting to sell their tractor to pay for some medical needs of some of their residences. Annabelle, who we rescued from the kb and who found a lifetime home at Home at Last, has a severe cleft palate and could choke to death without warning without a costly surgery being done at UC Davis. Her surgery is estimated at $3,000. This is the primary reason they are selling the tractor. Sweet Annabelle needs her surgery, you can help make that happen! To read Annabelle’s incoming blog, click here.

There are numerous other horses at Home at Last that need dental work done, and other things.

Of course they always need hoof care, vaccinations and feed. There are several horses that need special shoeing and it is all very costly.

Your donation to help purchase the tractor will greatly benefit us while helping the horses at Home at Last Sanctuary.

Please consider donating to help purchase the tractor. The horses you have seen above are waiting for us to buy the tractor so they can get the medical care they need. We appreciate Home at Last for giving us the opportunity to purchase the tractor at such a good deal. We have raised over 25% of the needed funds. They had another buyer that wanted the tractor, but they wanted to give us the opportunity to purchase it first. They are counting on us to get the money together, it’s not fair to make the horses wait to get the medical help they need. Please help out, click here.

Thanks to: Norma C., Howard N., Betsy W. and Pamela N. for their generous donations towards the tractor. Please join them right now.

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