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Pet Pardons is Saving Horses Lives!

Since Pet Pardons launched 7 months ago, they now have over 300,000 active monthly users, every months pets on Pet Pardons are seen by over 43,000,000 people, and most exciting of all, over 6,000 pets have been saved thanks to Pet Pardons that would otherwise have been euthanized.  Shelters struggle every day to find homes for the animals in their care, and thanks to Pet Pardons and the power of social networking, many many lives have been saved.

We have been working with Pet Pardons since their launch to include horses, and we are excited to let you know that they have said “Yes!”  Shelters, rescues and Animals Controls are full to capacity with horses that desperately need homes. We regularly get emails from concerned people regarding horses that are destined to be put down at Animal Control’s.  People feel helpless, they cannot adopt the horse and they don’t know what to do to help.  Now, thanks to Pet Pardons, there is something that can be done!

The first horse listed on Pet Pardons is Feather, who we rescued in April.  She already has over 1,000 people advocating for her.  Advocating sends information about her onto their Facebook wall so their friends can see her and advocate as well.  This is a great way to get the word out that there are horses desperately needing homes.  Sadly, we do not have the funds or facility to keep all of the horses that come into our shelter forever.  Our goal is to save horses from slaughter and/or abuse, and sometimes the Last Act of Kindness is the kindest thing we can do.

Anyone can post horses, or any animal that needs a home, to Pet Pardons, anywhere in the United States.  You can go onto Petfinder, put in that you are looking for a horse, and find hundreds of horses across the United States in shelters and Animal Control’s that need homes.  Find horses and upload them!  Give them a chance at life for free.  Networking is the best possible way to find animal’s homes.

It is extremely easy to upload horses and other animals onto Pet Pardons.  Simple go to the Pet Pardons app and press “Submit a Pet.”  It will take you to this page where you enter in the animals information.  There are two different options, if it is a no-kill rescue/sanctuary, you can post how long it has been there, or if it is an large organization that cannot possibly keep all of the animals that come into their shelter, you can post the estimated euthanasia date or click “Unknown Date.”  It still gets the animal thousands of views and hopefully one of those will fall in love and give it a great forever home.

We asked Pet Pardons if it would be OK if horses were posted from classified ads such as Craigslist and they said “Yes.”  Free horses, or extremely cheap, will very likely be shipped directly to slaughter.  Now you can be their voice!  Post them up on Pet Pardons and help find them a home before the killers take them.  If you post a horse off of Craigslist, please post something similar to this in the description: “Any free or cheap horse on Craigslist is in danger of going to slaughter and being brutally murdered. Please advocate and help get this horse a home before it is too late.”

We cannot thank Pet Pardons enough for opening the door to horses.  They are skeptical that the horse community will catch on.  One of the makers says he’ll eat his hat if it does.  Let’s start posting those horses in danger!  If everyone does what they can, lives will be saved.  To visit Pet Pardons, click here.

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