Now that school has started, we are implementing our winter visiting hours.  Our shelter welcomes visitors Monday through Wednesday, 1:00 – 4:00.  Appointments can be made for other times, just contact us. If you check on our calender the last Sunday of the month is a volunteer day.  This Sunday is that day!  Cleanup, repairs, cleaning up the shelter, it all needs to be done to get ready for winter.

We know you are all probably excited to see the TV ad that was filmed.  They have now gotten a sample for us all to view.  It is a really great ad, we think, and we hope that you like it too.  Watch it and let us know what you think.  Click here.

The shelter gets visitors almost every visiting day, and Cathy laughed when she took this picture.  That must have been just the perfect spot for a scratch!

Once when Cathy was showing horses, Parcy grabbed her notebook with the horses information on it.  He ripped it right out of her hand and then promptly tried to eat it.  Maybe he wanted to learn more about his horse friends?

Cathy started pulling on it trying to get it back.  He didn’t want to give it back at all, but he finally released it and walked off sulking.

Tuesday Fed-Ex pulled up with an envelope.  When it was opened, inside was a check for $4,000 to finish off the fundraising for the tractor.  How exciting!  We cannot thank each person enough that donated for the tractor.

Jason excitedly hooked up the trailer to go pick up the tractor.

Soon they were at Home at Last.  Jim and Donna were so happy that they will be able to get the horses the medical care that they need.

Jason was so happy to be driving the tractor into the trailer.  It is such a perfect size!

At the shelter the tractor came right back down the ramps.  Jason and Tawnee quickly looked around to find something to do with the new tractor.

Soon it was hauling a big hay bale out to the horses.  It made this job absolutely effortless.

After the excitement of the tractor was over, it was time to head out and pick up a horse that needed to be surrendered.

He is such a great looking Paint!  He is so well mannered too.

He has a tumor or something growing in between his eye and his eyelid.  We will have our vet check it out to see if there is anything that can be done to help him out.

He loaded right into the trailer like the good boy that he is.

The next day the little tractor was put to work again cleaning out the pens.  It  is the perfect size for dumping right into the Hay Wagon, which has a dump bed for putting the manure right where it goes in the compost pile.  Now we can give away manure to people who want to bring their trucks and trailers and get it.  We now have a tractor to load it!

It sure does make the pens look so nice so quickly.  This little tractor is such a blessing to the shelter, again, we cannot thank the donors enough!

We are completely flabbergasted at the results from putting some of our animals on Pet Pardons.  Marley was featured as the Examiner Pet of the Day.  Since then, we have had a lot of interest in adopting Marley, we are confident that he will be heading home soon!  Last night we were able to post some of the roosters at the shelter, and now have people offering them homes as far away as Texas.  Chester the rooster has 385 people advocating for him!  He had absolutely no interest in adopting him before, now he has people advocating and spreading his story all over the nation.  It’s amazing what giving new exposure with this wonderful app does.  We recommend that shelters everywhere give Pet Pardons a chance to find homes for their animals.  To read Marley’s story, click here.

Thank you all for your generous support!  We really appreciate it.

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