Thursday found the rescue rig on the road.  Two horses that had been adopted into a very loving home a couple years ago had to come back to the shelter.

Their adoptive family could no longer keep them due to health problems.  It’s so sad when people cannot take care of their beloved friends because of failing health.

It was sad taking Gage and Daisy from their home.  They were so well loved and cared for.

Daisy looked at the trailer, wondering where it would take her this time.

Back at the shelter Daisy unloaded and looked around with amazement.  The shelter was in a new location since the last time she had been there.  There were still lots of new friends to make though.

It’s hard to believe that this is Daisy in 2009.  She, and 3 of her friends, was seized by Animal Control, who asked us to assist with the seizure and take the horses into our possession.  Thankfully the owner was prosecuted.

Her eyes were dull and there was very little life left in her frail body.  She was rushed to the nearest vet and he informed us that she was just days away from dying of starvation.  If you would like to read her rescue story, click here.

Now those days are long behind her.  She is so beautiful!  She is looking for a new home.

Gage was amazed when he looked around too.

When we first met Gage his eyes were sad and he didn’t now what his future held.

He was at a livestock auction where killer buyers routinely bought as many horses as they could, making their living off the lives of poor horses.  We won the bid and brought Gage to safety.  If you would like to read the blog when Gage came to us, click here.

Today his spirits are higher, but he will miss his home that loved him so much.  He is bonded with Daisy and it would be great if they could get a home together.

After Daisy and Gage were settled, Pinto was loaded up to be taken to the vet.  This is the horse that was surrendered in the last blog.  He needed to be examined to see what was going on with his eye.

At the vet he was examined and she confirmed the diagnosis of a large tumor in his eye, but a cancerous abscess was also found under his tail.  There was nothing we could do but say “Goodbye” to this beautiful boy.  Cancer is so terrible and so sad.

We are completely blown away with the response on Pet Pardons.  Marley and Sierra are both in adoption pending, thanks to Pet Pardons, Charles the Rooster has a home lined up along with Penny the Peahen.  We are really impressed with the response.   Since we started posting on Pet Pardons we have gotten more adoption inquiries from Pet Pardons than we do from Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet combined.  Anything to get animals to safe, loving homes is well worth the effort.

If  you would like to see more photos of Daisy when she was originally rescued in 2009, check out our Facebook page.  Click here.

Many thanks to Pamela M., Sara H., Heidi E., Victoria H. and Karen T. for their generous donations.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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