Thursday Tia had to be taken to the vet with a bacterial infection.  She has to be on anti-biotics.  Hopefully she clears up soon and can be available for adoption once again.

Spero is doing well and is visibly starting to gain weight.  You can see little nooks and crannies starting to fill out.  It will take a long time still, but we are confident that he will make a full recovery.  The vet reports that he eats up all his food and doesn’t waste any.

This rig pulled up to the shelter and wanted to load up a horse to transport for their friends that are adopting it.  This led to a quick staff meeting, and horses can only be loaded up into horse trailers, unless it is a miniature horse where it may be able to ride in a vehicle upon our approval.  If you are adopting a horse, bring a horse trailer or we will be happy to transport it for you.  We cannot imagine the horrors of a horse falling off the side of the ramp trying to load it.  This cargo truck did have air holes and mats inside, however the loading and unloading is just far too dangerous on the incredibly steep ramp.

Sunday was a busy volunteer work bee.  Now that pens and structures are being put in more permanent locations, it’s time to get hitching posts in.  Setting up bare land is such hard work.

Contractor Ray came with his immaculate array of tools in the back of his truck.

He got right to work disassembling the roof section of a shelter that was destroyed in the tornado.

Meanwhile, other volunteers were busy digging holes for the hitching post.

After the holes were dug the upright posts and concrete were put in.

It was over 100 degrees Sunday, everyone was so happy when the posts were done and they could rest in the shade.  It was nice seeing the animals take advantage of their shade too.

The leftover concrete was used to make a step into Phoenix’s barn.  Everyone knows who’s barn that is now!  The horse shoe is angled up so his good luck doesn’t fall out.

Some of the volunteers working wanted to see some of the horses.  Lakota needs sunglasses, she always has to wear a fly mask to keep the sun off of her pale face.  She had it taken off for her bath.  If only horses could tan.

One of the volunteers came and told Tawnee that she was here to help but couldn’t do much because she had an issue with her foot.  Tawnee said “You’re lame!  We’ll have you groom horses.”  She had a lot of fun doing it, and Marley definitely enjoyed the attention.

Finally the day was coming to a close.  One of the volunteers decided to adopt Lucero.  It’s amazing how tall he is growing!

He was such a poor sad bedraggled guy when he came to us.

Now he’s a bigger boy and he will have a great wonderful home with his new mom.  Likegramma and Ladybegone are still waiting for someone to fall in love with them and take them home.   Likegramma is gaining her weight slowly and has medical issues that keep popping up, but Ladybegone is thriving and is ready for her home.  Way to go Lucero!

Many thanks to Marlene S., Gay B., Kelly S., Jamie M., Adrienne S., Yvonne W., Alyce L. for their donations and financial support.  We really appreciate it!

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