Septembers Free Euthanasia Clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21st from 10:00 – 4:00 at Look Ahead Vet Office.  The last clinic had 6 horses come on the day of the clinic, with more people calling and bringing horses throughout the month.  They know that the winter months are coming, and their elderly friend will not be able to comfortably live through another cold winter.  We expect that there will be about 15 horses at this upcoming clinic, so we need to raise $2,500.  We have been holding monthly euthanasia clinics since 2008 to prevent horses from experiencing a slow lingering death in a back yard, or being shipped to slaughter because there is no other option.  Free horses are snapped up by killer buyers on Craigslist because their owners have no other option they think.  We have made the humane option a reality.  Please donate to give the last act of kindness to a horse in need, click here.

Some people believe that euthanasia by injection is a waste of money and that a gun shot is better.  There was one “rescue” who was recently shut down by Animal Control who routinely shot their horses when they could not find a home for them or they got too skinny from a lack of adequate feed.  A gunshot is not the most humane way to euthanize an animal and can easily be messed up, through no fault of the shooter.  It is just not a good way to euthanize.  If the horse moves its head slightly, the bullet will pass through the sinuses causing extreme pain and agony instead of killing it.  As you can tell, we do not endorse euthanasia by gunshot.  Euthanasia, the literal translation, means “peaceful death.”  Being shot in the head is never a good thing except in an extreme emergency.

This non-graphic video shows a veterinarian attempting to euthanize a horse by gunshot.  Then another gunshot.  Then another.  After 3 shots he finally used euthanasia by injection, which he should have done in the first place.  Again, this video is not graphic, no blood is seen.  If it is this easy for a veterinarian to mess up shooting a horse repeatedly, is there any doubt left in anyone’s mind?  To watch the video, click here.

In 2009 we posted the first video on Youtube of a horse being humanely euthanized by injection.  Since that time, almost 40,000 people have watched it.  We posted it so that people can be educated on how peaceful and humane it truly is.  Sedative drugs are given to the horse, and the euthanasia drug itself simply puts the horse to sleep.  To watch the video (this is not a graphic video) click here.

Monday morning found Breeze and Dreamer loaded in the front of the trailer, with Lucero loading up in the back compartment.  They were all being taken to their new homes!

Lucero had such a beautiful pen waiting for him with yummy food and lots of clean water.

Larry led him into his pen.

He immediately settled in to eating the rest of his breakfast.  He has blossomed so much since and is becoming quite the big boy.

When Lucero came to us in mid June, he was a skinny scrawny little colt that was going to be euthanized at an Animal Control shelter as his time was up.  Thanks to the White Kitty Foundation networking with us we were able to take him, geld him and get him ready for a bright and happy future.  To read the blog when he came in, click here.

Next Dreamer and Breeze arrived at their home.  They have a brand new pen set up just for them.  These are the two horses that passed the allergy test with the horse allergic husband.  We are so happy for everyone involved.

Dreamer was so happy walking around checking out her new pen.  She has changed so much from when she first came to us from Lassen County Animal Control in mid April.

Dreamer was so skinny and filled with parasites.  It’s hard to tell from this photo how skinny she was as she still had on her long shabby winter coat.

Breeze too is quite the beautiful girl now.

Such a dramatic change from when she was rescued in mid April with Dreamer.  It always makes us so happy to be able to rehab horses and find them the perfect home.

Ever since these horses came to us they have been best of buddies always hanging out.  No doubt they have spent their entire lives together.  We wanted to keep them together if possible, and we are so thrilled that they have such a perfect home together.

Thank you Gail G. for your continuous monthly support, we really appreciate it!

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