It’s September 1st and we have an announcement to make.  As technology evolves and moves on, organizations must keep pace to stay at the cutting edge.  With Horse Plus growing so much and having so many different people involved, it is getting more and more difficulty, virtually impossible, to keep the blog coming on a daily basis.  The bloggers have to wait for people to email pictures over, sometimes that is not done for a day or two, which makes the blog drag out.  Unless we receive enough requests to keep the blog going on a daily basis as much as possible, we are planning on making it weekly or bi-weekly, or as something exciting happens.  We have, as much as possible, been writing a daily blog since 2007.  So much has changed during that time it is unbelievable!  Some of you have read it since it started.  If you are one of those that have read almost every blog, we would love to hear from you.

Our Facebook page will become the real-time place to see what is happening at the shelter.  Over 130,000 people view our Facebook posts every week, vs 5000 unique people reading the blog every week.  As you can see, our focus should be on keeping Facebook updated real-time, and send out a blog weekly or bi-weekly for those that choose not to be involved with Facebook.  If you do not want to join Facebook, you do not have to join Facebook to read our Facebook page, just click here.    We are going to give it a 1 month trial, please contact us and let us know what you think.  Click here.

We still have not received any funds for Septembers free Euthanasia Clinic.  It’s still 3 weeks away, there are so many horses that are suffering that desperately need the Last Act of Kindness before winter comes.  We can provide this for them, but we need your help.  Last week we got a call about a poor aged horse who’s owner did nothing for him.  He was weak, got in the mud, and that is where he was stuck for 2 days.  A concerned neighbor went over to see how he was doing, and held his head while he breathed his last breath.  The horse was waiting for someone to show him love.  It is extremely important for horse owners to know that there is a free alternative if they do not have the funds to pay for their horse to be humanely euthanized.  This story should never be repeated!  Please click here.

Our new group of mules and hennys are quite the cute group.  There is one white one, one white speckled one, one white and palamino paint, and one buckskin paint with tiger stripes on his legs, most likely a Kiger Mustang cross..  We will be evaluating them, the two closest to this picture are friendly, the others like to observe people from a safe distance.

The pigs had been enjoying their stay at the shelter.  We have been keeping a nice mud wallow for them and there was water everywhere.  It kept them comfortable and happy.

But today Tawnee had something to tell them.  They were all ears and wanted to hear what was happening.

When they heard they got a huge smile on their faces.  A home was finally found for them!  You have no idea how hard it is to find a home for 5 oversized gigantic pigs with the strictest instructions that they are not to be eaten.  But we finally did it!

The trailer was backed up, the door was opened, and they looked out wide-eyed and curious about what was happening.

Some of them were so eager to get into the trailer and start eating the yummy food that was in there.

If only they were all that easy to load.  Two of the girls were very persistant that they really did not want to get into the trailer.

After everyone tried, something else had to be done.  Panels needed to be set up, during which Cathy almost landed in the mud.  While everyone was setting up the new chute, the two ornory girls went over and started wallowing in the mud making hilarious sounds as if to say “Haha, we won, you can’t get us in there, we like it here too much.”

Finally, with the new chute, they were able to get one of them into the trailer as the other one…

…escaped and ran loose around the shelter.  She made all the horses eyes bulge!

Thankfully, the horses had all gotten used to the pigs, but it definitely kept them entertained.

After some pursuing by Cathy, she finally started heading back to her pen.

She got back into the chute and then decided to get in the trailer with her buddies.  What a relief!  We are so thankful that we were able to help out and find these pigs such a great home.  Now the ground in their pen can start drying out.

Cathy tried to stay clean, but that didn’t work out so good for her.

Her tennis shoes were sprayed off so they could make the ride back home before being thrown into the washer machine.  Sometimes pigs are just dirty work.

Sierra the Mustang sponsored by Jennette S. watched the whole thing wide eyed with amazement.  She is such a beautiful girl!

It’s hard to believe that this was Sierra when we rescued her in August of 2008.  To read that blog entry, click here.

Just remember to watch our Facebook page as we are planning on posting more ‘real time’ action on there.  If you have a Facebook account, don’t forget to like us.  Click here.

Many thanks to Jennifer C., Cindy M., Indira R., Randy K. and  Stephanie D. for their generous support.

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