H+ Happenings September 1st – 14th

Our Free Euthanasia Clinic is currently at $445 and is happening Wednesday, the 21st.  Please help us help the senior horses pass on gently, with love and dignity.  They cannot make it through another long winter and their owners are counting on us for help.  Our goal is to raise $2,500 for this clinic.  To help out, click here.

We recently released some never before seen auction cruelty horrors that we videod at Roseville Livestock Auction.  Roseville Livestock Auction has closed, but this happens at almost every livestock auction every time.  It’s time to do something about it!  We are looking for people who can be humane observers.  Visit the auctions, video (as discreetly as possible, a smart phone works great) and send us the footage.  We will get it out there where people can see and a huge difference can be made.  Bare in mind that footage you send us very likely will be used on a national level, but you will remain completely anonymous if you wish.  We have heard many horror stories from the Sugarcreek and New Holland sales and it’s time to get them exposed.  Any auction at any place is typically a hotbed for animal abuse.

To watch our video, click here.

We know that you are no doubt wondering how Spero is doing.  He is doing amazingly well!  He is coming back from the brink of death and has a whole new personality.  When he came to us when he would try to whinny it was the saddest pathetic muffled weak sound that would come out.   Now when he whinnys it is the nice loud strong stallion sound.  At feeding time he jumps and bucks for joy.  Thank you all so much for making it possible to rehab this sweet boy.  We cannot wait for the day when he can become a sweet gelding, but he has to gain more weight before he can have his “brain surgery,” also known as castration.

More photos of Spero’s recovery can be seen by clicking here.

We have a wonderful story that we would like to share with you.

We got a call from a desperate horse owner who could no longer keep her aged gelding.  Jason drove 5 hours to pick up this poor old guy.  Cinnamon was a thin sad senior.  His owner loved him but didn’t know how to properly care for a senior horse.

At the shelter Cinnamon’s head hung low and he wondered why he had to leave his home.  It’s always hard on our staff when a horse comes into the shelter like this.  Senior horses are practically impossible to find homes for.  Many times they have health complications that make it impossible to spend any time at the shelter.  Our staff can only love them and say “Goodbye” to them, knowing that they had love and kindness at the end of their life.  We all thought this was what was going to happen to Cinnamon.

We posted a picture of him up on Facebook and had an amazing comment.  Someone said “I think this guy maybe my first horse!”  This has happened before a few times, but how many bay geldings are there out there with a star?  We asked her to send us some photos and identifying markings and/or scars.

She sent us a photo from years ago and it did look very similar to the same horse, just a lot younger.  All of our hearts swelled with excitement, just imagine if this boy could go spend his retirement with his old mom!

Lots of communication went back and forth and his scars and markings matched up perfectly: it was her old horse!   Due to personal issues she had to find him another home over 10 years ago.  She found what she thought was a great home for him close to her place, and she would be able to see him from the road whenever she passed that way.  She felt in her heart that if her situation ever got better she could get her old boy back.  After about a year he disappeared from the pasture.  She tried to track him down but all efforts failed.  She was heartbroken, now she would never have her precious boy back.  She always wondered what happened to him over the years.  When Tawnee made the final call to tell her that indeed this was her old boy, she was so happy she started crying.  She couldn’t wait to have her adoption application processed so she could bring him home where he belonged, this time forever.

Cinnamon had no idea that his mom was working so hard to come get him.  His eyes were dull and listless, his head hung low.  He seemed depressed, you could see it in his face.

An amazing transformation took place when his mom was holding him in her arms once again.  You could tell that Cinnamon knew who she was, his whole spirit changed.  His eyes lit up, his ears perked up, all traces of sadness left his face.

His mom brought a photo album with a lot of pictures from years ago.

It was such a wonderful reunion after so many years.  We wish this could be the ending story for every senior horse that comes into the shelter.  At some point, someone loved them and someone cared, but now that they are old so often they are thrown away without a thought.

It was amazing seeing the transformation in Cinnamon.  Now his eyes had taken on such a beautiful new look to them.

All our staff smiled as Cinnamon was loaded into the trailer to head to his old home with his mom.

After he was settled, we got an email from Cinnamon’s mom that said: “THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! We made it home and unloaded safely. I have attached a few pictures. I of course, will send more as he gains weight….  The tears of joy and some sadness keep flowing, I cannot express my gratitude to you for responding to me and giving me the chance to make it right with him. I will forever be grateful.”

We want to bring you up to date on who’s been adopted since September 1st.  Penny the Peahen was so happy to finally have a home to call her own.

Kubota found a loving home with one of our previous adopters.  She’s been with us since April and it’s great to see her finally get such a wonderful home.

Kubota’s adopter also adopted 4 of the little chickens.

Ally was adopted, she is such a beautiful girl and we know she has a wonderful home now.

Roadie, affectionately named “Sir Hop a Lot” because of his nerve damage to his front leg, was adopted by his foster dad.  He is a great part of their family.  That’s what is known as “foster failure” but we love it when it’s a good match like this is.

Marley got a home too.  He is doing so well and we know that with his new family he will have an extremely bright and happy future.

We are very thankful to everyone who opens their hearts and homes to animals at the shelter.  If you are interested in adopting one of the many different animals at the shelter, please contact us.

So far this month we have had 26 animals surrendered into the shelter, 13 of which were chickens!

One of them, Goofy, is extremely friendly and loves hanging out with people, even if that means hanging out on Tawnee while she takes intake photos of other chickens.  He is quite the cute little guy and will make a great pet.

As always we have a large number of horses and animals that are unhandled.  We would like to thank Helen for coming out and spending some time with the mules.  We are really looking for someone who can help evaluate the horses for riding and adoptability.  If you know of someone or are interested and are in the area, please send us your resume, a list of references and your experience.  We are hoping that with time it can turn into a full time paying position, but for now it’s strictly volunteer.

Please remember our Euthanasia Clinic fundraiser.  You can feel fall in the air and there are a lot of senior horses that cannot make it through another long winter without suffering.  There is nothing worse than finding an old horse laying in the mud shivering in the rain, unable to get up.  Many horse owners are unable to afford humane euthanasia, but are reaching out to us for help.  Help us help them.  Donate now, click here.

Thank you all for your support, both financially and emotionally.

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