First thing Monday morning the rescue rig was hooked together for a very long and busy day.

Muffy the rooster was running around letting everyone know that there was some serious action at the shelter.  He refuses to stay in the chicken coop, but he seems to be doing just fine running around the shelter with Fozzy his fuzzy rooster friend.  They would love to run around your yard eating bugs, aerating the soil, and letting you know when it’s time to get up.

Sadiq, who is being adopted soon, was ready to go get his health certificate and coggins test done at the vet.

He was definitely curious about where he was going.  He saw the trailer hooked up and quickly realized that it was for him.

He is such a pretty boy!

The evaluation began.  He was such a good boy for it all.

Dr Weaver was so impressed by Sadiq that she commented “He’s an $8,000 horse, they are getting the deal of a lifetime!”  All of our horse adoption fees are set at $400, so you never know when that perfect horse will come through.

We would like you to meet Max, a big beautiful very sweet Standardbred gelding.  He is 12 years old.  He was surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site.  A note that came with Max said: “Max is a very loving Standardbred gelding. He loves people’s affection and attention. He is dominate in pasture. Is very un-spooky on the trail, but should only be used for light trail riding. Not to savvy with up and down rough terrain. I have loped him on the trails and he will do a nice lope. It’s a little more work to get him to do it in the arena.

“He is obviously off the track like most Standardbred’s. His registered name is Blanco Patas (white feet) because of his white socks. His number tattooed on his neck is V45376.

“He has been a great first horse for me and taught me a lot! He is a very patient boy with new riders and makes you feel safe.”

If you ever see this on a horse, realize that at one point they had red hot metal probe jabbed into their leg.  It is called pinfiring and how anyone can think it is ok is beyond belief.  For more information on this barbaric practice, click here. It is sad that Max had to endure such horrible treatment in his racing career.

Max loaded up into the trailer for the short ride from the SAFE Surrender Site back to the shelter.

Down the road Max, Sadiq and Jason went.

Max is a very beautiful horse and we are sure he will find a home soon.  If you are interested in this boy, we recommend putting a $50 adoption hold on him.  For more information, click here.

We would like you to meet Chicklet, a young pony / small horse.  She is about 3 years old and is in really bad shape.  We are hoping that she will pull through.  We had to pay $100 to get her out of a really bad situation, sadly the law often does not protect those that have no voice.

After Sadiq and Max were settled in it was time to load up some horses that were going to their new home.  Maggie was more than happy to hop into the trailer.

Then Dante got into the trailer.

Griffen was the last horse at the shelter to be loaded up.  He is such a beautiful boy.

Cathy got up on the trailer to tell the horses “Goodbye.”  We are all so happy when horses got to such a great home, but we definitely get attached to the animals while they are in our care.

After a short drive Jason and Larry picked up Seiko.  He had been surrendered recently and was at a foster home until he got a ride to the shelter.  He never made it to the shelter, he was going straight to his new home.

It was a long beautiful ride to the adopting home.

Jason and Larry were happy that they got there before the sun set.

As they drove in they enjoyed seeing the big beautiful irrigated pastures.  What a great place for horses to live!

Seiko was the first to unload and he got to go into his own big pen.

Doesn’t he just look so happy?  We know that in no time at all he will gain his weight back.

Griffen couldn’t wait to see his new home too.

Griffen and Dante were quite excited to explore their new pasture.

Maggie couldn’t wait to join them.  The three looked so happy.

Their adoptive family had adopted 2 horses from us in August,  D.C. and Beauty.  They are getting a kids education riding program up and going and they want to use rescued horses whenever possible.

They just had to bring D.C. (now named Jughead) out to show how very well he is doing.  They are just tickled pink with him.  He is so cute all done up in his english attire.

Beauty is living up to her name in her new home.  They all love her so much!

As Jason and Larry drove out, Seiko stood by the driveway as if to tell them “Thank you!”  What great adoptions and a beautiful place.

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