We would like to thank each and every person who donated for the urgent need, the 9 horses that need to be rescued.  With your donation we know the remaining $551 will be donated, so plans are in place to go rescue these horses Thursday the 6th.  Our staff are gearing up for this big rescue.  We are having a staff meeting this evening to make sure the operation goes as smoothly as possible for the horses.  Please donate to finish the fundraiser, click here.

There is a contest that we really didn’t know was happening until someone posted it on our Facebook wall.  Vetericyn is holding a contest to see which animal charity will get a years supply of Vetericyn.  We checked the list and sure enough, we’re on it!  We have been asking people to vote on Facebook, and we are now in 1st place.  We need your vote to stay there.

Simply go the Vetericyn’s Facebook and vote for us.  You can get there by clicking here. Once you get there, you will see this page.  The first category is small  animal rescues, but you want to scroll down.

Then you will see us as indicated by the big arrow in the large animal charities.  We need your vote and it only takes a minute, click here.

Tuesday morning started with Cathy going to get 18 bales of nice yummy organic hay that was donated for the horses.

At the shelter Tawnee and April were getting ready to pick up a horse from Animal Control.  They decided to take the small trailer as the Animal Control has a very rough entrance and the other trailers have a very hard time getting in there.  But, the small trailer had another trailer parked in front of it so Tawnee backed up at a very interesting angle.

Then off down the road they went.  Thankfully it was a very uneventful trip with no flat tires.  You may remember the days when flat tires were part of the daily chores.  This has been one huge advantage of the shelter moving close to pavement.

When they arrived at Animal Control they met this poor old gelding who was thin.  He was abandoned and wandering loose.  Thanks to the quick action of Animal Control he was taken to safety.

He is a sweet old boy and likes to whinny when he sees someone walk up to him.

When you’re leading him, however, he likes to drag you around and really has no good ground manners.

He is around 20 years old and has some medical issues which we will be having evaluated.  Thanks to our Facebook friends for the name suggestion of Hookum Hank.

Thankfully with his pushiness he pushed himself into the trailer.  He likes to be in the lead and so he lead himself into the trailer.

Animal Control had a rooster that needed a place to go too.  They didn’t tell us about him on the phone, but they asked Tawnee if we had somewhere he could go.

He was packaged up and got to go to the shelter too.  His name, thanks to Facebook friends, is Foghorn.

On the way back April and Tawnee saw a poor hen in a parking lot.  She was very friendly and must have been a pet who had been dumped.  She looked really sad.

April had no trouble coaxing her into her arms.

She is so skinny there is not much to her.  Tawnee held out her wing and scabs and injuries all over her.

As you can tell she is very emaciated.

She is so happy to have found a friend and safety.  We are thankful that we were at the right place at the right time.  She is named Heidi Hen by a fan on Facebook.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is Inner Grace 32 oz bottle of 3 in 1 Shampoo, Bath Shower Gel.  15% of the sale price goes to help the horses at the shelter, buy it today!  Click here.

Many thanks to each and every one of you for your support, both emotional and financial.

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