Urgent Need – 9 Horses Need Your Help

We received an urgent alert that a ‘rescue’ has closed down, and that 9 horses are in desperate need of help.  We do not have a lot of information on them other than they have no other options other than staying and starving to death.  The person who has them is pleading with us to help.

The horses are clearly not being fed or cared for properly.  They are starving to death and need to get to safety right away.

Their hooves also show the signs of neglect and will need trimming and care right away as well.

It is always so sad when people with good intentions get in over their head and the horses are the ones that suffer.  Thankfully in this case the person who owns the horses realizes that she needs help and is asking for help.  Let’s all pull together and give these horses the love and care that they need and deserve.

We need to initially raise $5,000 for the rescue, minimum of 1 week vet care for each horse, dental work, hoof  care, and a long rehab for each horse.  The horses will go straight to our vet for at least 1 week for constant monitoring and to ensure that help is immediately available should a medical crisis develop.

Help us help these horses today.  We are ready to pick them up tomorrow (Thursday the 6th) but we have to have the funds to save them.  Pet Pardons has offered a matching donation of $1,000, so for the first $1,000 that is donated, it will be doubled.  Your $50 donation becomes $100 just like that!  Donate right now, click here.

Please forward this email to anyone who may be able to help.  Thank you!

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