Thursday morning started off with the rescue rig pulling out of the shelter.  Staff members Jason, Tawnee, Larry and Cathy were heading down to rescue the 9 horses that were in desperate need of help.

After driving for many miles, they came to the long dirt driveway.  What would be ahead?  What condition would the horses be in?  We were going off of very little information and just a couple pictures…

When they arrived they found horses in terrible condition.  It was completely heart wrenching.  How could anyone sleep at night with their animals in this condition?  Eating and watching TV while their animals shiver and starve.

This is Monique she is a 16 year old TB. She may be pregnant.  She was exposed to a stallion at this place.

Monique is very skinny.

This is Request she is a 12 year old, TB, she also may be pregnant.  Why would you expose a poor horse in this condition to a stallion?

This is Felony he is a 4 year old, TB gelding.  He is so incredibly skinny!

This is Buzz, he is a 3 year old TB.  He is a body score of 1 and you could see every bone in his body.

It is so painful to see this young horse so skinny.  Why weren’t they fed?  How could someone let their horses get into this condition without asking for help sooner?

This is Mater a 4 year old TB/QH, gelding.  He is also extremely emaciated.

This is Honey a 1 year old filly QH/Morgan/Appy.

This poor baby is Gumby, he is a 1 year old TB gelding.

He is just heartbreaking.  He is a baby with a body score of 1.  Disgusting!

This is Chip, he is a 3 year old TB gelding.

This is Sassy, she is a 17 year old, QH, mare.  She is the oldest horse out of the group.  These horses are not old, they cannot possibly use the “but they are skinny because they are old” excuse.  They are skinny because they were not fed! There is no other reason for them to be skinny.

This rescue makes over 250 animals rescued this year. We were planning on rescuing 9 horses, but when we got there they asked us that if we wanted this 2 year old Mustang we could have her, if not, she would be heading to the sale or given to whoever wanted her. So, we ended up rescuing 10 horses instead of the 9 that were planned.

Before loading the horses into the trailer blankets were put on the horses that would allow it.  It is best to keep horses this emaciated as warm as possible so they don’t have to burn energy trying to stay warm.  It was a cool day and it had been raining that morning.

This sweet horse just wanted to say “Thank you for helping me!”  You could tell with the excitement of the blankets and activity that help was finally here.

One by one the horses were loaded up and soon they were all in the trailer ready to head to the vet hospital.

After a long drive they were backing up to the unloading area at the vet.  2 of the horses were so weak from starvation that they were too weak to stand.  We gave them food, water, love and prayers and hoped for the best…

…to be continued.  Please understand that there is a lot going on right now and the blog may not be able to be updated until Monday or Tuesday.  Please go to Facebook for the latest up-to-the-minute updates.

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