A quick update on the horses at the vet: they are doing fine but at this time we cannot release a whole lot of information about them.  Thank you for your understanding!

Sunday morning at 12:30 am Jason was filling up the tank on the rescue rig.  The rescue rig is usually not out and about at this time of day.

Sadiq was safely in the trailer, wondering where he was going in the middle of the night too.

Jason drove until 2:00 am, Tawnee drove until 5:30 am while Cathy did her best to keep the conversation going.  After 5:30 Jason drove all the rest of the day.

Sadiq was on his way to his adoptive home!  He was such a good boy for the whole trip.

Finally Sadiq arrived to be greeted by his smiling mom.  They looked so cute together we hoped it would be his forever home.

Back at the shelter Reba was being surrendered.  She is an older mare who was rescued off of Craigslist.

After rescuing her and trying to help her, her rescuer realized that there were larger medical issues that were going on and asked us if we could take her and do what is best for her.  It’s always sad bringing in horses that we know we are going to have to say “Goodbye” to in a short time, but giving them love and food makes their last few days happy ones.  We are so thankful that she did not go to someone who shipped her to slaughter.  Yes, Mexico butchers skinny horses.  They use their bones, hair and what little meat there is.

After dropping off Sadiq the rescue rig headed to Los Angeles.   Jason and Tawnee always dread the LA traffic, especially pulling a horse trailer.

Before long they were in a part of LA that no doubt almost never sees a horse trailer: West Beverly Hills.  There they met up with Chris, Phoenix and Napoleons dad.

It was suggested on Facebook that Jason and Tawnee needed a break, so Chris took them to the Santa Monica Pier, which was a fun break.

It’s amazing how many people are at the Santa Monica pier.  If only they would each donate $1 to help rescue animals it would be amazing!  Hopefully the shirts did some good advertising.

The next morning Jason, Tawnee and Cathy were heading down the overcrowded highways.

They were going to a Petfinder Adoption Options workshop.

Cathy had never gone to animal welfare training and it was a great first time for her.

We all smiled when Petfinder put a picture of Pebble up on their slideshow.  They try to use current animals at shelters in their presentations.

One of the people that was guest speaker was Sue Sternberg.  It was the second time for Jason and Tawnee to hear her speak, but every time she is so interesting and dynamic.  To visit her website, click here.

After the Petfinder Adoption Option seminar they got a treat by visiting Mya and Star. It was a great excuse for an adoption checkup.  For those that do not remember Mya, we rescued her in 2007 from the Fallon NV Feedlot where she was days away from shipping to slaughter.  She ended up on the Animal Planet show “The Petfinder Series.”  As you can tell they are doing great!

It happened before we started writing a daily blog, but we made a webpage devoted to Mya and Star.  You can read their story on our old website by clicking here.

Jason and Tawnee only got to see the TV show once and have always wished they could see it again.  They tried to get a copy of it but it never worked.  Monday Star’s mom said she would send us a copy, but then when Tawnee was researching today’s blog she found it on Youtube.  The episodes went on Youtube in 2009!   It is a great episode and is very heartwarming.  Part 4 is the one that deals with Mya and Star meeting for the first time and you can watch it by clicking here. If you have the time watch the whole thing, it’s worth it!

We got the very sad news that Sadiq was not going to work out.  Tuesday found the rescue rig heading back the same route to pick up Sadiq.

At the shelter Animal Control was surrendering Milky Mocha.  She is a very cute and friendly horse who is about 2 years old.  She was a stray but you can tell that someone really loved and cared for her at some point.

Sadiq was loaded back into the trailer.  He has a locking stifle that flared up after being transported.  We didn’t see anything at our shelter, our vet didn’t see anything, but after the long drive it became obvious after some rest.  We are so sorry for Sadiq and the adopter, it would have been such a happy forever home but sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.  We will be consulting with our vet for the best thing to do for him, but we are hopeful that soon he will be fixed and off to his truly forever home.  Sadiq made the long trip back to the shelter.

Somewhere, some time, on the trip,  they stopped at a veal farm.  It is so sad seeing the tens of thousands of little faces looking out of their 2’x4′ crates.  At this factory there is capacity for almost 22,000 babies.

This is one of the lucky calves.  He died, releasing him from the pain and agony of being locked in a tiny stall until he could no longer stand.  He would have then been drug, beat, kicked and thrown around until he was at the slaughter house, where his throat would have been slit while he was still alive, and possibly skinned before he bled to death.  This one was lucky, he died alone in a cold crate.  The veal industry is cruel beyond belief.  Please do not eat veal, you are supporting this kind of animal cruelty.

This is one of the unlucky ones, he is still alive to suffer.

Many thanks to those that donated since we last updated the donors in the blog over a week ago.  Most of these were for the 9 (turned out to be 10) horses that were rescued, but there are also those thoughtful people who donate to general needs, and our wonderful monthly sponsors.  You can make a difference in the lives of suffering animals, giving them the opportunity to be rescued, come to the shelter and find love, food and care.  Click here.

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