Thank you all so much who donated to Mater’s medical fund!  The fundraising has been completed and he is getting the intensive care that he needs.  Mater has a very serious tendon sheeth infection which may require surgery.  Thanks to you we can get him the help he needs.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Wednesday found Larry doing more cleaning with the little tractor.  Again we can’t praise this machine enough!  It makes major cleaning like this actually possible and it is such a great help in us getting ready for winter.

The Hay Wagon too is such a huge help.  We would like to thank the faithful Hay Wagon sponsors who continue to help pay the bill on the Gator.  We can’t wait for the day when we write the last check to pay it off.

Cathy took a very sad call from one of our adopters who adopted Samba in 2009.  This is their adoption photo from 2009, don’t they look so happy!

Samba’s mom and dad loved her dearly, but she came down with severe colic symptoms.  She brought her to our vet in hopes that something could be done to relieve her suffering.

As soon as Samba got into a stall her legs started buckling and she began turning round and round, trying to get comfortable.  She was extremely bloated and you could tell she was in a lot of pain.

She would lay down, then get right back up.  You could see the pain and suffering in her eyes.

Dr Weaver immediately got to work trying to help poor Samba.   Then she gave us the sad news that “She’s done.”  Even a $10,000 surgery would not save her at this point.

The only choice was humane euthanasia.  It was so sad, her mom crying and crying, she loved her so dearly and it was so incredibly heartbreaking to see a great adoption end this way.

An autopsy was performed and it was found that Samba had a large intestinal stone which was blocking her intestines and causing her intense pain and suffering.

What causes intestinal stones?  You can read this article to learn all about it, any horse owner is at risk of their horse developing intestinal stones, but studies have shown that almost all horses that develop intestinal stones had a diet of at least 50% alfalfa hay.  Definitely take the three minutes to read the article, click here. Dr Weaver urges horse owners to feed grassy hay as it can eliminate this problem.

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a long ears sweater that is really cute!  It is only $24.99 and 100% of the sale price goes to help the horses at our shelter!  If you are wanting to make a donation, this is a great way and you’ll get a great sweater too.  Click here.

All of our staff are hoping that we have a few good happy days full of life and beauty.  But, we just report on what happens at the shelter, the rescue life can certainly have a lot of sadness and pain too.

Many thanks to Renee N. and Betsy W. for their very generous donations!

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