The Auction Fundraiser is well underway thanks to many generous donations!  We still have $2,255 left to raise to save these lovely horses from the slaughter pipeline.  We are over halfway there with 6 days left to go, we can do it!  To help, click here.

Thursday found a truck and trailer driving across a very big bridge.

Soon they were in a very big city with towering skyscrapers on all sides.

Inside the trailer was a very little horse, Macho Man!  It was Macho Man’s big day to meet some new friends.

The Cow Palace manager fell in love with Macho Man at the Horse Expo the last couple years and wanted him at the Cow Palace so bad they donated a booth.  We can’t thank them enough!

Soon the booth was all set up, Larry and volunteer Alex were going to be running the booth this time.

Soon Macho Man was walking around making friends.  Macho Man loves boothing so much, he just thrives on all the attention.  If you can’t tell, the theme was “Man enough to wear pink” to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Macho Man didn’t mind wearing pink, and the guy on the right didn’t either.

Macho Man got to meet some great tall gigantic horses (at least from Macho Man’s perspective) too.  He always enjoys going places and meeting people and other horses.  It’s so funny when a full size horse sees Macho Man, they can’t believe that a horse can be that small.  It boggles their mind.

Monday at the shelter Misty found two people that she absolutely fell in love with, and they fell in love with her too.  Their adoption application is being processed and hopefully soon Misty can go home.

At the vet Mater was getting his feet done.  You can see the bandage from his medical care on his leg, he is on antibiotics and we are hoping he can stabilize enough for surgery.  He is gaining weight, but is still in intensive care, poor guy is definitely having a rough go of it!

Far far away, Jason was picking up two horses who’s owners could no longer keep them.

The white horse on the right is Cannons Reseda, a purebred Arabian mare who is 15 years old.  She is very sweet and we are told she is trained to ride.  Her stable name is Nicki.

The bay horse on the left is named Geronimo, and he is a purebred Arabian gelding, about 8 years old.  We are told he is not trained to ride.

Geronimo is halter broke, but didn’t want Jason to catch him, or anyone else.  Once he was in the chute he didn’t mind having the halter put on and held his head still for that.  Then he led right into the trailer.

Nicki and Geronimo peered wide eyed as Jason shut the door.  Where were they going?

The sun had set by the time they got to the shelter, but soon they were settled in for their first night.  Let’s hope they can find their new loving home soon!

Todays Ebay Giving Works item is a pair of 7.5 Aerosoles stitch sandals.  They are starting at 24.99 and 10% of the selling price will be donated to help the horses and other animals at the shelter.  To bid, click here.

Please remember the auction rescue fund!  Every dollar really does help, click here.

Many thanks to: Danny M., Lynn E., Glennis R., Ellen O., Julie S., Shawna W., Gretchen G., Megan S., Carla G. and Laurie D. for their generous donations!  We really appreciate your support, we couldn’t do it without you.

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