Help Name the Duck.

Help name the Rescued Duck –

We had so many wonderful name suggestions for the duck that we just couldn’t pick one!  Due to the overwhelming response, we have started a “Name the Rescued Duck” Ebay fundraiser.  This is a great way to help the duck and all the other animals at the shelter and get to name the duck!  Currently it’s at only 11 cents, to bid, click here.

We have a video on Youtube of the rescued duck who needs a name.  To watch the video, click here.

Auction Rescue –

Thanks to your generosity the Auction Fundraiser is currently at $4,093 with only $907 left to go!  There is 3 days left until we need the funds for this rescue.  To help out, click here.

Vetericyn Charity Contest –

For those on Facebook, please don’t forget to vote for us in the Vetericyn Charity Giveaway contest.  The voting ends the 31st, only a few more days.  We almost have 400 votes, we have been in the lead for awhile now and we need to stay there. We are located near the bottom of the Large Animal section down near the bottom of the page.  To vote, click here.

Horse Rescue Award –

We were recently awarded a Horse Rescue Award for excellence in helping horses in need.  We would like to thank all you for your support in making this all possible.

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