The auction is coming right up and thanks to your generosity towards saving lives we are almost to our goal!  So far we have raised $4,263 out of goal of $5,000.  Please help us save the horses at the livestock auction, we only need $737 to meet our goal.  To help out, click here.

We would like to thank everyone that voted for us in the Vetericyn Charity Contest.  We are very excited to announce that we have won!  A years supply is on its way thanks to you! This is the first time we have ever won a voting contest, as you can imagine we are quite excited.  To read their wall announcement, click here.

This picture of Chicklet was taken right after she came to us on the 3rd of October.  We had to pay $100 for her to get her out of a really bad situation.  We were afraid she wouldn’t make it, she looked like she had given up on life.

Now Chicklet is doing so much better, in less than a month she is really gaining weight, her eyes are glowing and she is such a big love.  She is hardly the same horse she was just a few weeks ago.

All of the adoptable horses from the emaciated group of 10 horses have come back to the shelter from the vet hospital.  The vet has declared them out of danger and they are now completing their rehab at the shelter.

Mater remains at the vet in intensive care.  He is doing better now that he has had his surgery and enjoys his time every day when he gets out to eat yummy grass.  Tuesday he actually trotted for a little bit during grazing time!  What a huge improvement.

Oz’s potential adopter came up to look at him.  He was still at the vet, we would like to thank them for letting us use their facility to show Oz to his potential home.

His new mom wanted to make sure that there was no lameness going on and it was quite convenient having a vet right there to do his pre-adoption exam!

He passed with flying colors.  He is such a big gorgeous boy.  He is 16.3 hands tall, and he has such a loving personality.

Oz’s mom is so in love with him.  We are so happy for Oz and his new mom. Tawnee was planning on taking a better adoption photo, but after this photo was taken the battery died.

At the shelter we had a new person who may be joining the team come out to help as a horse evaluater.  Meet Dot, the girl on the left.  It was too windy to ride horses, but her and Alex got to work worming horses.  Grey was skeptical about the whole thing but he was good boy.  Thanks to Betsy W. for sponsoring Grey at the shelter!

Sassy got her wormer too.  All in all about 20 horses were wormed.  It was a great day and it was great to have Dot’s help.

Some of the horses don’t like their wormer, and Sassy made a funny face to show her displeasure at the unpleasant taste.

The other day Tawnee took this photo of some of the horses (and Jackson the mule) were enjoying galloping through the 18 acre pasture.  You could see the delight in their eyes!

A huge “Thank you!” goes to Kelly S., Gay B., Janet S., Roberta A., Lisa V., Carole C., Marion F., Katie S., Renee N., Adrienne S., Yvonne W., Anita D., Matt S., Kerry B., Kathy K., Dan & Alyce L., Charlotte K., Jennifer C., Gail G., Cindy M., Susan I. and Randy K. for their generous donations!  To see your name here, click here.

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