Auction Rescue – Part 2

Part 2 of the Auction Rescue.  To read Part 1, click here.

Sunday morning at the auction yard, the first thing that was done was the rescue team assessed the horses to make sure there were no injuries.  They also figured out who would travel best together and took pictures.  The horses were very curious about the whole thing.

There are quite a few babies and youngsters and they all looked on wide eyed with curiosity.

This momma was very protective of her baby and tried to keep herself between the rescue staff and her baby.  It was easy to tell she was very stressed about the situation.

The auction staff told us that they try to turn people away who bring in emaciated horses.  We believe it is simply because they don’t sell and the people never come to pick up their horse, leaving the auction to try to figure out what to do with it.  This mare was ridden through the auction believe it or not.  The saddle helped hide how skinny she really is.

One by one the horses were safely loaded into the trailers.

Soon they were all loaded up and ready to hit the road back to the shelter.

After leaving the auction we met up with the volunteer rescue team leader who was so happy to see all the horses safely in the trailer and on their way to the shelter.  She wishes to remain anonymous so she was blurred out in the picture.

On the way back to the shelter we saw one of the big rig trailers that is used to haul large numbers of horses to horrible places.  We are so thankful that the 19 horses we rescued will not be facing the horrible trip to the slaughterhouse in one of these trailers.

At the shelter the horses were so glad to get out of the trailer and into their waiting pen.

The horses were so happy to stretch their legs and look around at all the new faces.

Soon they had yummy food and nice clean water and were all settled in for their first night at the shelter.

The next morning found the horses enjoying their breakfast.

The babies really looked wide eyed.  They have been through so much in the last few days.

Meet the horses that were rescued, we are putting all of the information that we have at this time, but they will be evaluated as soon as possible and we will keep you updated.

We would like you to meet Jasmine!  We are told she is about 12 years old, trained to ride and was ridden through the auction sadly enough.  She is very underweight.

Meet Canyon, a year old Quarterhorse colt.

This is Shyler, a sorrel gelding who has shoes on.  He needs weight and is shy, but will no doubt warm up to someone who shows him love.

Meet Stella, an elderly mare who has arthritis in both her front legs, which makes it hard for her to walk.

Meet Si Enna, a young filly about 4-5 months old.

Meet Sahara, a young filly about 4-5 months old.  She has a very cute face.

Meet Sandy, a 4-5 month old Palamino filly.

Meet Sheena, an approximately 6 year old mare.  She is underweight and she has a baby as seen in the next photo.

Meet Trigger, Sheena’s baby.  He is a cute adorable little Palamino colt with a big blaze.

Meet Sydney, a TB who is said to be a hunter jumper.

Meet June Bug, a 13 hand pony who was ridden through the auction.  She is friendly and very cute.

Meet Diesel, a big tall sorrel gelding.  He is friendly and likes people.

Meet Gem, he is a 1 1/2 year old registered Quarterhorse colt.  He has a bad front right leg.

Meet Jewel, a registered Quarterhorse, her registered name is Girly Girl Jewels.  She is very pretty and friendly, 2 1/2 years old.

Meet Elmo, a tall sorrel gelding.  He is somewhat shy.

Meet Cheyenne, a pony mare who is shy.

Bonita is a very tall mare.  She is friendly with a very beautiful face.

This is Missy, a registered Quarter Horse, mare, 6 years old, buckskin, very pretty. A note with her says – ” This mare is gentle, been rode as a 2 year old. Loads + Hauls. Good, Gentle.” Her registered name is Miss Silver Midnight.

Meet Peggy, a elderly QH mare with a lot of arthritis.

Sheena has taken it upon herself to take the role of mommy for the 3 orphan filly’s in this rescue.  Now she has 4 babies she is keeping a close eye on.  She’s not nursing them, which we don’t her nursing them, but it is wonderful that she is keeping them safely by her side.

We would like to thank you all so much for making this rescue possible.  Now we need your help again.  We plan on making monthly auction rescues to keep as many horses from being slaughtered as we can.  We have to find homes for these rescued horses before the next auction.  If you know of anyone or any legitimate rescues that would be willing to take these precious horses on, please contact us.  Only by networking are we going to be able to place 10-30 horses a month.  It is vitally important that we keep these horses from the slaughter house.  For any legitimate 501(c)(3) organization, private sanctuary, or one of our previous adopters in good standings we will gladly waive the adoption fee.  Our top priority is to get them into great homes.

Thank you all again for your generous support!

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