Last Wednesday the 2nd we got 4 horses in from Animal Control.  We have been so busy somehow they didn’t make it into the blog, but now you get to meet them.

Meet Classy, a very pretty year old filly.  She is just gorgeous and has such a big beautiful star on her face.

Meet Copper, a very sweet mare who likes to come over and say “Hi!”  She also loves to be petted.  She has a natural “I want to be your friend” attitude.  We believe that she is a gaited horse.

Meet Sugarfoot, a year old filly.  She’s very cute and love hanging out with Classy.

Meet Penny, a stand-offish mare who is still getting used to everything at the shelter.  She is a very pretty girl!

Monday two roosters were surrendered.  Their owner was no longer willing to keep them.  We are thankful they did not end up in a stew or something like that.

Meet Foghorn, a big rooster who kind of looks like he went through a hurricane or something.  He is missing a lot of his feathers.  We know that in no time at all they will grow back and he will look regal again.

The other rooster had some twine wrapped around his leg when he came to us.

Tawnee and Cathy got to work removing the twine.  As you can see this guy is a pretty big rooster.

Soon Leghorn posed for the perfect intake photo.

Mister Peep loves getting up on the fowl pen and strutting his stuff.  He seems to think it’s the great thing floating far above the ground.

Tuesday some potential adopters came out to meet Sadiq.  This will be this little girls first horse.  He has been fine since getting back to the shelter, he just can’t go on long trailer rides.  The adopters live close and would be a perfect home we believe.  They had a lot of fun grooming him and making him look beautiful.

While Sadiq was being groomed Monique was enjoying eating out of one of the nice new feed buckets that we purchased recently.  We could really use a whole lot more of them, keep your eye out for a feed bucket fundraiser in the near future.

Monique came to us in the group of 10 emaciated horses October 6th.  This was the next day after her rescue.  She was so incredibly skinny.

After 24 days at the vet she was finally able to leave the vet and come to the shelter.  She gained a lot of weight and was finally strong enough to come finish her rehab.

Now just 9 days being at the shelter she is really blossoming.  Her coat is getting shiny and her ribs are starting to disappear.  Way to go Monique!

Dot came out to evaluate horses from the auction.  Sydny did great and looked very magnificent under saddle.  He has some lameness in his front, we are hoping he just has a pulled muscle or something that will clear up soon.

Dot got a lot of horses evaluated and worked very hard until after the sun went down.

It was a beautiful sunset at the shelter and all the horses were tucked in ready for a peaceful night.

Many thanks to Sandra M., Gail G., Scott D., Karen C., Cheryl S. and Debbie F. for their extremely generous donations!

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