Feed Bucket Fundraiser

We have a new Urgent Need: Feed Buckets.  With winter coming on it is imperative that we have feed buckets to keep the horse feed out of the mud.  We last purchased feed buckets in 2008, but now only 1 is remaining.

During the summer months feeding the horses on the ground has been fine, but with winter rains approaching we must have their food in buckets and out of the mud.

At Tractor Supply we purchased these buckets for only $10 each to try them out. They seem to be of good quality and should last for a number of years.

At the shelter they are working great.  The horses don’t mind their bright colors.  It is nice to keep the feed off the ground and in the bucket.  It also makes it easier to give the horses their supplements and medicine.

We are asking for your help!  For only $10 you can buy a feeder that will feed a shelter horse for a long long time.  Larry has offered to sit down with a permanent marker and write a name or custom message on the bucket(s) for those that donate for the buckets.  We really need 50 buckets, donate for a bucket or two right now!

Thank you all so much for your support, the horses are counting on you for their new dinner plates.  To donate for a bucket, click here.

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