We just wanted to catch you up, the horses that came were saved at the Livestock Auction are doing great.  Sadly 3 of the horses were humanely euthanized due to health reasons.  The vet reported that one of them had a bad knee injury that would not heal but would continually get worse and the other 2 were suffering from very bad arthritis.  We are so thankful that in the end they knew they were loved and we are grateful that they did not have to make the long trip to slaughter.

The pen were are all the babies are is definitely an attraction.  Sheena and Chip are being very good baby sitters.  This picture is of Trigger, back, and Sandy in the front enjoying a sunbath.  How cute!

Cash had someone looking at him, we are really hoping that it will work out.  He is such a big beautiful horse and we know that with some training he will be absolutely amazing.

The rescue rig headed out to pick up a horse that was being surrendered up in the hills down a gravel road.

Soon Chica was loaded up in the trailer.  She is an older mare.

Chica bucks when ridden, hates men and kicks at people in general is what we are told.  We will be evaluating her to figure out what is going on with poor Chica.

Meet Skippy, a QH gelding with a lot of lameness issues that we will be trying to work with him on.  He is such a beautiful boy!

Missy and Jewel were put in adoption pending and their potential adopters came out to check them out with their trainer.

They really like them both, they are trying to figure out which one will get to go home with them.

That’s pretty much everything that needs to be caught up, so let’s go one with Sunday’s blog.

Sunday morning early the cube trailer was being swapped out for another trailer with another 11 tons of cubes.  This is one of our biggest expenses as you can imagine, feeding the dozens and dozens of horses at the shelter.  Please help out at least $5, click here.

We really appreciate the feed company for keeping the price as low as they can, but it seems that feed prices everywhere have skyrocketed this fall.  The price of feed this winter we fear will literally kill thousands of horses.  Hay, which we have never seen go above $15 a bale locally even in the worst of winters, is now $16 a bale, when usually it is about $9 a bale.  There comes a point in late winter, early spring right before they start cutting when hay gets extremely expensive.  We cannot imagine what will happen but we imagine that our SAFE Surrender Site and Euthanasia Clinic will be bursting at the seams.  The killer buyers will be swooping up everyone they can to send to slaughter.

Boards started flying up onto the mobile storage room.

Last winter the roof leaked pretty bad and we wanted to get it fixed up so before the serious rains come.  We can’t thank the volunteers enough for all of their hard work!

A 4H group came out to help out at the shelter.

Meanwhile some potential adopters were visiting the horses to see if a potential match could be made.

The 4H group was having fun with our little ambassadors.  Thank you so much for coming out and making the horses feel loved!

The work on the roof went on… It takes a lot of work to get a roof laid.

Some sides were also being put up on some of the pasture shelters.  Parcy looked on with amusement, wondering “What are the humans doing for me now?”

This will be so nice once they are painted and ready for the horizontal rain that comes through the shelter every so often with high winds and cold rain.  We feel that for our second winter we are a lot more prepared, although we didn’t get the big barn we were hoping for this year.

Sadiq wanted to see if he could help too, but sadly he doesn’t know how to use a hammer.  He tried with his hoof but decided he could be the most help by staying out of the way.

Soon evening was drawing on and it was time to put in the last screw for the day.  It was a long day and a lot got done!

Sunday evening we got the great news that Jewel is the one they want to adopt!  We are so excited for her, she will have the best home ever.  They are previous adopters, and believe us, if you are a horse in this world that can’t run free over millions of acres, you would want to live in this home.

Many thanks to Kim L., Pamela N. and Francine L. in memory of Larry Larson for donating today!  We really appreciate it!

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