There are two colts who desperately need help getting a brighter future. Their owner is able to care for them, but does not have the funds to have them gelded. A colt left ungelded leads a sad, solitary life (at best) or breeds, making many unwanted horses, ultimately ending up in the slaughter pipeline. You can help these guys have a bright future by having their gelding operation.

We run a low cost gelding program. Please help these two boys (shown above and below.) It costs us $130 to geld each horse, we need a total of $260. Please help out!

We posted them on Facebook and asked for help.  We have almost raised enough to geld one colt so far.  We can do it!

Jewel’s adoptive family came out to take her home.  We are so excited for her!

She was a very good girl and hopped right into the trailer excited about her new life.  We all know she will have a great home.  Just 10 days ago she was at a livestock auction with a very grim future, killer buyers eyeing her, seeing dollars on hooves.  Now she is safe forever.

The Fowl Pen was opened so the chickens could run around, and the mini pen was also opened so they could run around the shelter.  However, the mini’s were extremely keen on checking out the Fowl Pen. Sorry guys, this is not your pen.

They were kicked out of the Fowl Pen and had to walk around the shelter looking for other trouble to get into.  You can see in Dottie’s face (she is a teenager of a horse) that she was searching for some chaos to cause.  She is a good girl and we all love her, Macho Man and Shadow (both the cow and the mini horse) very much.

Please remember our Urgent Need, the two colts that need to be gelded.  It doesn’t cost that much to make a horses future bright indeed.  Click here.

Thank you Betsy W., Julie S., Margaret O., Victoria P., Patricia M., Keith B. and Marsha G. for their generous donations today!

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