We would like to thank everyone who donated to help get the two colts gelded.  The vet reports that they have been gelded and are off back to their home.  What a brighter future they have now!

Alex got to work painting the new shelters.  We are hoping that these prove to be reliable and long lasting, they are very economical to build.

April and her little crew were busy cleaning horse ID tags.  We used to tag all of the incoming horses to keep down on confusion.   Recently there has been some confusion so we are starting to name tag the horses once again.

Another volunteer was up on the roof busy finishing up waterproofing the roof.  It will be so nice to have a big dry storage building for the tack, tools and meds during the winter months!

Don’t those shelters just look beautiful?

Dot was out to help evaluate horses.  We really appreciate her joining our team and getting so much work done.  Gage enjoyed being worked with, he is kind of just a lazy old Appy who needs a home.  He is nicely trained to ride, about 20 years old and wants to make you happy.

Cheyenne was not so sure about the whole thing but she took the saddle and bridle just fine.  She is a bit green and needs someone to finish her.

The next horse to be worked was Copper.  We were all hoping the best for her, she came to us from Animal Control.  They were going to put her down as no one was interested in her, and they do not evaluate horses for riding.

Soon Dot had her all tacked up and Copper was doing so well.

Dot led her over to the mounting block.  While Tawnee watched on she held her breath…

…and it made everyone so happy to see Dot riding Copper.

She is a gaited, perhaps gaited cross, and has the sweetest personality.  She loves to be around people and wants  to be your best buddy.

Diesel was up for his turn at evaluation.

Diesel is a very mellow laid back fellow.  He likes to take life one step at a time.

He was from the last auction rescue and is an off the track Thoroughbred.  We looked up his race history and he was only raced once, in August.  When all the horses crossed the finish line, you wait 6 seconds and there goes Diesel cantering slowly across the finish line.  His racing name was Up Time.  He is a Thoroughbred that doesn’t want to use up all his energy running.

He is a very nice boy, tacked up nicely and is very nice to ride in the round pen.  He would no doubt make a great western pleasure horse, trail rides, etc.  He is 3 years old and ready for a great home!  He is a true pleasure to be around.

To top off a very busy day Sadiq’s new family came out and signed his adoption paperwork to finalize his adoption.  Transportation arrangements are being made, he will have a great home!

The farrier was busy at work trimming hooves making them have Happy Horse Hooves.  Jasmine was a perfect girl for her trim.  He wishes all horses could be like her.  She just stood there and soaked up the love.

Many thanks to: Jennifer L., Gail G., Yvonne  C., Eileen G., Donna A., Jillian B., Donna P., Carl M. and Sara H. for their generous donations and monthly sponsorship!

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