Urgent Need – Help Us Get $250,000 from Chase

We need your help to get $250,000.  With only 400 more votes we will get $25,000, but it gets better!  The more votes the better it gets. Yes, you can make the difference by spending just a minute.  Chase Bank is giving away $3,000,000 to 100 small charities that are making a huge difference.  If we get in the top 5, we get either $250,000 (1st place, currently at only 6,460 votes) or $100,000 for the next 4 places (currently 2,960.)  Everybody can only vote 1 time, so get it done right now and your vote can be the difference between nothing and $250,000.  There are only 2,000 people on this mailing list, if each one of you voted right now, we would be eligible for $100,000.

You have to vote through Facebook, if you don’t have a Facebook account, please make one (you don’t have to put on any more personal information than you want to) and vote.  We are currently at 188 votes, we only need 400 more to win $25,000.  WE CAN DO THIS!!! You have stood behind us for years.  Now is your chance to help us get a whole lot of money that will do a whole lot of good for free.  This all ends November 22nd, so we only have a few days to get a bunch of votes.  That is why you need to vote right now.

To get started:
(1) Click this link http://bit.ly/rNxXcA
(2) Click on “Get Started” in the upper right hand corner.
(3) Click on “Allow” when asked
(4) Then vote for us: http://bit.ly/rNxXcA

We cannot urge you to vote strongly enough.  Just by spending a few minutes we will get at least $25,000, and if a few more people vote for us, we will get $250,000.  Can you imagine what good would be done for horses with $250,000?  That is more than our yearly operating budget!  Please vote and share.  All your kids have Facebook accounts and can vote, all your grand-kids have Facebook accounts and can vote.  Please just follow the simple steps above, forward this to your family and friends, and actually ask (tell/command/beg/plead) them to vote for us.  The horses are counting on you.

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