Urgent News – Great News!

The voting is going well on the Chase Community Giving contest.  We are in the top 100 (59th) which means we are going to get $25,000 as long as we stay in the top 100!  We currently have about 890 votes when this blog was written, and the very top organization only has 8,346!  We have over 18,000 Facebook fans, we would love to be #1 with the grand prize of a $250,000 grant.  Please vote, forward and tell your friends.

You can follow our progress after you have voted by visiting our Chase Community Giving page: http://bit.ly/rNxXcA You can also click “Leaderboard” while you are there to see what the top 100 are and how many votes they have.

To Vote:

(1) Click this link http://bit.ly/rNxXcA
(2) Click on “Get Started” in the upper right hand corner.
(3) Click on “Allow” when asked
(4) Then vote for us: http://bit.ly/rNxXcA

If each person that has voted so far got just 5 of their friends to vote, we would have 4,475 votes, which is enough for $100,000 in 4th place!  We can get there if you help. That is how easy it is.  Please forward and share this with everyone.

On your friends Facebook page, your wall, your favorite horse forum, or anywhere else you can think of, please copy and paste the following:

“Please help Horse Plus Humane Society win $250,000 from the Chase Community Giving contest!  They are the only horse charity in the running.  I love this charity and they do great work for horses and a lot of other animals.  Please do this as a favor to me, take a minute and do something good today, it won’t take long, I promise:

(1) Click this link: http://bit.ly/rNxXcA
(2) Click on “Get Started” in the upper right hand corner.
(3) Click on “Allow” when asked.
(4) Then vote for us: http://bit.ly/rNxXcA


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