Urgent Need – Last Day!

For those that have voted, we have great news!  Today is the last day of voting and we have 1597 votes when we wrote the blog, and are in 24th place.  That makes us eligable for a $25,000 grant  If you haven’t voted, we have to stay in the top 100 and need your vote to make sure it happens!

Now for the exciting part: less than 4,500 votes separates us from getting a $100,000 grant!  We know we can do this, but it can only happen if you personally make it happen.  If it doesn’t happen today, it doesn’t happen at all.

It is incredibly easy to vote, every person in your family, and all your friends, co-workers, etc, should vote.    All they have to do is visit our homepage, http://horsehumane.org and follow the 2 simple instructions under Urgent Need.  That’s right, only 2 simple steps!  Everyone can do that!

Again, this is the last day of voting! We cannot thank you enough for your votes!  Please forward, share, like and make it happen.

To vote, click here!

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