Last 2 Hours…

It’s the last 2 hours of the Chase Community Giving contest.  We are definitely going to get a $25,000 grant unless something crazy happens.  We would like to ask for 1 more favor…

Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi is a great organization that is only a few votes away from getting $100,000.  PLEASE take just a moment and vote for them.  Remember, you have 10 votes, but can only vote for an organization once, so please use one of your votes to vote of ARF.  By voting for our friends at ARF you are not affecting our standings in the contest at all.  To vote, click here.

Again we would like to thank you so much for voting for us.  You have propelled us to the top 20, which is humbling and honoring to know that you care enough to press “Vote.”

Please take just a moment and vote for Animal Rescue Fund, they really could use your vote!  Click here.

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