It’s time to get you caught up on all the happenings at the shelter during the time the Chase Community Giving contest and Thanksgiving was going on.  Again we cannot thank you enough for your vote that put us in the position to receive a $25,000 grant from Chase!  We plan on using the funds for capital improvements.  We have only been at the new shelter location for less than 2 years and are in desperate need of improved facilities.

On Nov 16th Mocha was adopted.  Her new mom was so happy to be taking her home.

Linda also came out and helped evaluate horses.  Tom is such a pretty boy, we know that sometime soon he will find that great home.

On the 17th Larry was on the road doing owner surrender pickups.  It is so sad that there are so many surrenders.

On the 21st we got our first shipment of Vetericyn!  Thanks to all your votes in the Vetericyn charity contest we won first place giving us a years supply.  We are getting a box just like this one, valued at over $250, every month for a year.  What a great gift to the shelter!

Not much happened that day and the sun set on what everyone thought would be a quiet evening…

…but then the vet called.  She said there was a horse that came in under an emergency situation.  He had injured himself and was bleeding profusely from his femoral vein.  He had lost a lot of blood and his owner could not afford the extensively medical procedures to save his life and their options were euthanasia or to take him home and see if he would survive on his own.  Our vet asked us to please take him into the surrender program and save his life.  He is a 5 year old gelding who is very very nice.  We posted on Facebook and asked for donations, and the response was adequate for his initial medical care.  We can’t thank those that donated for this lovely horse’s care enough, his life literally depended on you.

We gave the vet the go ahead.  Surrender papers were signed and Thorn’s life saving operations began.  He had lost so much blood it was touch and go for a long time.

Everything was done that could be done for him and the waiting began.

Late into the night Thorn was finally strong enough to go into a stall with a heat lamp.

The next morning Thorn had a brighter look in his eyes.  A huge sigh of relief for everyone.  He had lost so much blood we didn’t know if he would make it through the night or not.

The next morning our staff was on the road delivering adoptees!  It’s always a fun trip knowing that horses are going to wonderful homes.

Misty’s home was the first drop off and what a beautiful home it is.

Her new family were so excited to finally have her at their place.  They had a beautiful pen waiting for her and she is greatly loved.

Next Sadiq was delivered to his new home.  We know it’s not the best adoption photo ever, but it’s the only one we got.

Hannah was surrendered back to the shelter, her owners could no longer afford to feed her due to a layoff.  This economy is horrible for horses and their owners alike.

Thanksgiving morning the staff was making a Thanksgiving feast for the horses at the shelter.

Even though Mr T isn’t a horse, he begged and pleaded for a treat too.  Yes, he got one of course!

All the horses definitely enjoyed their yummy Thanksgiving treat.

Thorn is doing quite well at the vet and is passed the critical stage.  He still on antibiotics to fight infection but he is well on his way.  If any of you are interested in adopting this beautiful dun gelding, please contact us.  He is quite a little gem.

This weekend is the auction rescue.  We haven’t had time to fundraise, but we know we can count on you to help save lives.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 again this month, last month we were able to save 19 horses from the slaughter pipeline, one of which was Stardust Dancer, the former racehorse of MGM CEO Gary Barber.  It is extremely important that we do what we can to keep all the horses at the auction out of the slaughter pipeline.  Please keep in mind this auction is this weekend, we only have a few days!  To donate, click here.

Thank you all for your support, it is greatly appreciated!

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