We are saddened and outraged that years and years of forward progress has been turned back by a simple stroke of the presidential pen.  On Nov 18th, president Obama signed into law the bill legalizing horses being slaughtered for human consumption in the United States.  This article is one of dozens of articles about the quietly passed bill.  To read it, click here.

Horse Plus Humane Society is a non-political organization, but a volunteer has launched a brand new page dedicated to sharing the latest information about Obama’s decision to break his 2008 campaign pledge to end horse slaughter.  To visit the page, click here.

Now more than ever saving horses from the slaughter pipeline is going to be vitally important!  No horse deserves the fate that Obama seems to believe they do: served on a dinner plate after a long torturous journey.  Our auction fundraiser is currently at $200, out of our goal of $5,000.  The auction is this weekend! Please help however you can: click here.

Mater is doing well, he is finally off medications but is still at the vet.  He is gaining weight and has a bright spirit about him.

This was Mater less than 2 months ago.  We are so happy to see him gaining weight.

At the shelter Tom was ready to take a nap in the sun.  It was such a beautiful day.

Soon he was dozing off, dreaming of pretty unicorns, apples and carrots.

We try to keep all the critters at the shelter as happy as we can, but we found a disgruntled occupier at the shelter.  Parcy was saying “Boo moo, you forgot my birthday!”  Parcy is now 2 years old, his birthday was Nov 15th.  Happy belated birthday Parcy!

This blanket had a very long journey to get to the shelter.  These people were visiting family in southern CA and brought the blanket back with them to northern CA to deliver it.  Thank you so much!

Jasmine, from the last auction rescue, has found her forever home!  Her new mom was so happy to adopt her and give her such a great family.

This was Jasmine at the auction, poor skinny bedraggled little horse.

Now less than 4 weeks later she is stepping into her new life with her new family.  We would like to thank all of you who donated to the last auction rescue for making this possible.  If you had not donated, who knows where she would be right now and the horror she would be experiencing.

Tom wasn’t too thrilled to wake up from his nap and get his feet trimmed, but it was on the schedule for the day.  He is such a good boy!

A previous adopter came out to visit the shelter and see if there was anyone that would make a good family member.  Jackson was doing his best to influence his mind that a mule would be a really great pet.

Thorn is doing really well and is out of the danger zone.  He is such a sweet personable horse, the vet and technician, who have been through the Clint Anderson training program, are going to give him 60 days of training and then he will be ready for adoption.  What an awesome opportunity!

Sidney went to the vet to have a lameness exam done.  He is a little off but should be fine for light riding.  He is very well trained and will make someone an awesome horse!

Long after dark a trailer pulled into the shelter.  Some horses were in a really bad situation and we agreed to purchase them from a known killer buyer who would not give us any information on them.  It was either that or they go to slaughter.  We paid only what we would pay for them at auction, and he delivered them to us at no cost.

The horses are in really bad shape, but we couldn’t get any better pictures until daylight.

It was sad to see them, one horse has horrible injuries to his hind legs and it smells like it is rotting.  We will keep you updated!

Today’s Ebay Giving Works item is a 16.5″ western saddle, no reserve.  10% of the sale price gets donated to us!  Check it out, it’s beautiful: click here.

Many thanks to: Adrienne S., Yvonne W., Select Enterprises, Cheryl S., Maggie O., Kathleen T., Barbara B., Joy S., Ruthann C. and Jennifer M. for their generous donations!

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