The auction rescue is in 3 days.  So far we have enough funds to rescue and care for about 1 horse.  We would like to help a whole lot more, but can only do that with your help!  The horses are going to be at the auction, the killer buyers will be there bidding with pockets full of cash from the last horses they sent to slaughter, but will we have a budget that can save a great number of horses?  Please help save lives!  Click here.

The group of horses that came in late on the 28th are a very sad, extremely sick group.  One of the horses hind legs were shredded, infected and just in horrible condition.  You could smell his rotting flesh and the infection.

You could see in his face that he was truly in a lot of pain.  Tawnee immediately took the horses to the vet for evaluation.

Dot was out evaluating horses for their adoptability.  We are so thankful to have a great evaluator who is willing to risk her life and limb to see if the horses are trained.

Jackson the mule was going to be evaluated for his riding ability.

He saddled up just fine and let Dot get in the saddle.  He just stood there like an old pro.  But then when asked to move forward he decided that running and bucking was a lot of fun.  Mules are very smart and he is either trained to ride but knows how to get people off his back or he doesn’t have a clue.  He was very good with saddling, leading us to suspect that he just put his foot down when it comes to riding.  Dot did great hanging on Jackson, and when she got close to the panels she expertly leaped off his bucking back and hung onto a panel.

Molly, who was recently surrendered at our SAFE Surrender Site, is an excellent horse.  She is 14 years old, solid Appaloosa mare.  We are told that she was used for riding lessons and is all around a very nice horse.  During her evaluation she definitely proved that she is wonderful.  If you are interested in a nice riding horse that you and your family can enjoy, Molly may just be the one!

Tawnee and the vet gave us the sad news that 4 of the 5 horses from the killer buyer had to be given the last act of kindness.  We are so sad and heartbroken for these poor horses.  We have peace in our hearts that they will never know the horrors of the slaughter house.  It was mostly just a sad day, with the news of President Obama signing the death decree on horses into law, news of slaughter plants anxious to open all across the nation, and killer buyers throwing their hats into the air for joy.  We cannot give up the fight, we will press forward.  It definitely leaves pain on our hearts.

Many thanks to Gail G., Kerry B., Katherine K., Anita F., Sigrid V., Michael M., Judy H., Janet P. and Danyell M. for their very generous donations!  You can see your name here too, just click.

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