Saturday night we had a rescuer at the livestock auction outbidding the killer buyers thanks to your support of this auction rescue.

In the end 16 lives were saved from the slaughter pipeline including this old Appaloosa.

Sunday morning early our staff were hooking up the rescue rigs, there were staff heading in 2 different directions today, but this blog will follow the auction rescue staff.

They were so excited to get on the road and see all the new horses that had been rescued.

After a 3+ hour drive Jason and Tawnee arrived at the auction yard.   They got their first look at the new rescues in person.

There were 3 senior horses in really bad shape.  Tawnee got ready to take a photo of this poor mares face…

…it’s just so sad!  She has an injury that probably happened a few days ago to her forehead.  She can barely walk due to severe arthritis.

This little pony is just so cute!  He is a little 3 year old stud who was wide eyed and confused.

His hooves are in pretty bad shape as well.  There were a total of 5 ponies rescued.

There were also 8 yearlings that were rescued.  They are all friendly and want friendship in return.

Soon they were walking down the long passageways into the waiting trailer.  Thankfully since so many were ponies and yearlings, with only 3 full sized horses, we were able to load them all safely into the rescue rig and did not need to use the volunteer transporter that was there to take any that didn’t fit.

Thanks to your support this poor old mare was not loaded into a kill truck to make her trip to a slaughter house.

You could see the hope in the young horses eyes.

Back at the shelter the horses were so happy to see the door open.  Soon they were on solid ground, looking around at all the new faces.

They all just couldn’t wait to start eating!  They were so hungry.  This horse’s eye looked like it might pop out from all the excitement of such good food.

It was nice to have feed troughs going where they could all be eating at once.

When Tawnee took this picture she couldn’t help but notice the little pony on the right side

Here is a zoomed in shot, it’s as if she is saying “Thank you so much for saving us all and for the nice yummy food!” Let that thanks go right to you that donated to make this rescue possible. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Many thanks to Jennifer C., Susan I., Colleen V., Carolyn L., Martin O., Kelsey H., Stephanie D., Cindy M., Randy K., Diania L., Dina V., Stephanie J., Cindy R., Kathy W., Pamela N., Sharon H., Kim C., Brenda S., Gabrielle S., Jody W., Sophia W., Encata E., Linda A., Karis D., Debra W., Arleen R., Suzanne A., Judy C., Jennifer K., Susan P., Stephanie O., Betsy W., Charlotte K., Sara H., Carla G., Susannah J., Roberta A., Elizabeth C., James G., Glennis R., Joni M., Francine L., Sammi B., Dee M., Annie W., Jenette S., Tandi C., Cindy B., Indira R., Charlotte A., Sue W., Ginny B., Evlie E., Caroline D. and Diane A.

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