Christmas is only a few weeks away and the horses have posted their Christmas wish list.  All of the items link to Horse.com and all the items we can use any size / amount of.  Thank you for thinking of the shelter horses this holiday season!  To view the horses wish list, click here.

In yesterdays blog we told you that Sunday morning the other rescue rig was heading in the opposite direction.

The other rig went down and picked up Lucy.  She was surrendered to the shelter as sadly her owner could no longer keep her.  She is a 9 year old 17 hand Warmblood who is well trained to ride and has no medical problems.  As you can imagine, she is going to be adopted very quickly we hope so if you are interested, please put an adoption hold on her.  For information on adopting, click here.

Monday at the shelter Tawnee was busy worming and evaluating the auction rescues.

One by one they were haltered and evaluated for leading.  Many of them had never had wormer before and you could tell they couldn’t believe what happened to them.  Why did the human put that yucky tasting stuff in their mouth?

This little pony was one who had never experienced wormer before we believe from his reaction.

He didn’t mind the worming tube going in…

..but then the taste started to hit…


Tawnee also gave him a little makeover, his mane was tangled and matted here and there.  You can see his transformation, now his mane is flowing and he has a much happier look.

This little guys name is Merrylegs!  He is a 3 year old stallion pony that is going in for his gelding operation so he can be a much happier 3 year old gelding pony.

This is Gingersnap, a 4-5 year old pony mare.

This is Raisin, a 5 year old pony mare.

This is Nutmeg, a 5 year old pony mare.

Hazel is a 3 year old pony mare.

This is Adelina, a yearling filly.

This is Athena, a yearling filly.

This is Prancer, a year old filly.

This is Simba, a yearling colt.

This is Little Toot, an almost year old filly.

This is Jingles, a year old filly.

This is Frosty, a year old colt.

This is Cocoa, a year old filly.

This is Soldier, an older gelding who is painfully lame, very under weight, and has a sheath infection.

This is Digs, short for Dignity.  He is an older Appy gelding with very poor motor skills.

This is Gracie, her arthritis is so bad she can barely walk and stumbles at every small bump.  We purchased her at the livestock auction just to keep her from knowing the horrors of the slaughter pipeline, knowing there was nothing we can do to help her other than give her love, lots of yummy treats and give her the Last Act of Kindness.

Last week we picked up the feed buckets that you  all donated for, and Cathy took them home to write the personal messages on them.

They were finally all done and at the shelter.

They were all unloaded and stacked up.  We can’t thank each and every one of you who donated for these feed buckets.  It really helps out!

We would like to thank Dan and Alyce for hiring a dumpster to be delivered.  They brought two trash containers with them.

First this one, which will be a permanent resident at the shelter, thanks to Dan and Alyce.

And this big one for cleanup at the shelter.  We only have this one for 1 week, so we are going to be very busy cleaning out the trash trailer and putting it in the dumpster.  There are always little odds and ends that show up that need to be hauled away.  We can’t thank them enough for their thoughtful gift!

Soon the feed buckets were all lined up in the pens feeding the hungry horses.

Many thanks to Jaime V., Marion F. and Julie P. for their generous donations!

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