We got a great update about two horses we rescued and placed into a great home.  As you can tell from the photo these horses are very well loved and cared for.  But it wasn’t always that way…

…In April 2011 these two horses, Breeze and Dreamer, came to us from Lassen County Animal Control.  You can see their rescue video by clicking here.

After their rehab we looked and looked for their perfect home.  We were contacted by a desperate horse loving mom and her two girls who wanted a horse so bad, but the husband was very allergic to horses.  They found out that Curly horses are hypoallergenic, and both Breeze and Dreamer are Curlies.  You may remember the blogs where the lady would bring out her husbands shirts, rub them all over the horses, and take them home for allergy tests.

The allergy test was fine every time and soon Breeze and Dreamer were taken to their new home.  You can read that blog by clicking here.

We got the sweetest email from the family, we love getting updates about animals we have saved.  They write:

“I wanted to send a quick update and some photos of our beloved curly horses, Dreamer & Cookie (formerly Breeze!).

“They are both doing great, with amazing thick curly coats for the winter. Cookie has responded well to professional natural horse training (our trainer makes house calls!). She will lead, lunge, tie and let us clean her feet.  She has a date with the farrier soon for a trim! We are hoping to get her under saddle in the next few months.

“Dreamer is still very shy but is so curious. She is the first one at the fence to say hello, but always stays just an inch beyond arms reach. We can tell she really wants to trust us…so we go one day at a time. Carrots definitely earn us the opportunity to scratch her head and neck. The horses are both very sweet and social with our family, visitors and dogs. Their new big treat is to run free over our fenced 4.5 acre property. Luckily, a bucket with a bit of grain or carrots will lure them back to their corral.

“My husband is still remarkably allergy free to the horses! I would never have believed this could happen without first hand witness. He has grown quite fond of them and spend a lot of time keeping their shelter in good shape. He says the alfalfa bothers him more than the mares. Amazing!

“Thank you for all your great work rescuing horses, and providing our family with two special new members!”

Thank you all so much for your support that made this rescue of Breeze and Dreamer possible, and thanks to donors like you they are now living in a happy home.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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