We are receiving an overwhelming amount of phone calls from owners of older horses desperate for end of life services.  They don’t want to see their horses go to slaughter, but they have no money to put them to sleep and are pleading to us for help.  You can help us help them!  This months free euthanasia clinic is scheduled for Wednesday the 28th.  Our goal is to raise $2,500 which will provide end of life services for 15 horses.  You can help too, just click here.

We got an update about a couple horses, Missy Mouse and Saaba, that were adopted from us 4 years ago.  You can read their adoption blog by clicking here. They write: “I adopted Missy Mouse 4 years ago along with saaba and she is doing well. Thx so much for rescuing her!”  This is Saaba, she was so starved when we rescued her.

As you can see Missy Mouse is a very beautiful girl and is so big.  Both of these horses came to us from Modesto County Animal Control.  Animal Control had no other options than sending them to auction when they contacted us asking for help.  We are so happy that thanks to donors like you, and to people willing to adopt a rescued horse, these two horses are still doing great in their adopted home 4 years later!

Thursday was a rough day for everyone.  Animal Control requested us to go pick up 2 horses, one of which had a very severe sheeth infection.  The other horse had a broken hip.    Both of the horses had to be taken to the vet and given the Last Act of Kindness.

Next the rescue rig headed out to pick up another horse for the Last Act of Kindness and the rig broke down on the side of the road for 2 hours.  Finally it made it back to the shelter long after dark.

Friday morning was a bright beautiful day and everyone was happy as Lucy’s potential adopters were driving in to the shelter.  Everyone was hoping that they would be a perfect match.

They rode her and really fell in love with her.

Adoption paperwork was signed and the adoption photo was taken.

Soon Lucy was in the trailer and her mom was telling her to ride safe.  We are so happy for Lucy and her new family!

Another trailer came to the shelter with 4 horses that needed to be surrendered.

All 4 of the horses will be evaluated, they are senior horses.  Some have health issues such as this 26 year old Mustang who appears to have cushings.

We purchased 2 donkeys to save them from a killer buyer.  We paid $50 each, delivered.  They are both nice donkeys.  We posted name requests up on Facebook and this guy got 198 comments!  After looking through all the name suggestions we picked the one we believe best fits him: Nestor.

This other donkey got 212 comments and her name is now Nellie.  Her hooves are in pretty bad shape.

Sunday was clean up day.  The tractor was going scraping pens and getting ready for the rain that will undoubtedly start falling sometime this winter.  A trailer pulled up with a horse inside.

This guy was more than happy to get out of the trailer.

It has taken over a year for this guy to get to our shelter.  He belonged to a guy who didn’t care for him or care about him, but, since he was the guys property, he wasn’t going to let anyone tell him how to take care of his horse.  Finally thanks to the dedication of some hard working volunteers they were able to get him surrendered, get his weight up, and bring him to the shelter.

They also brought some donations: yummy apples, treats and lead ropes.  We can always use lead ropes!

Meet Clyde, an older Clydesdale gelding.  He is looking for a home where he can sit back, be loved and spoiled.  Most people in this economy are going to say “Older draft horse?  He’s going to eat a lot, no thank you!”  But please consider giving this guy a home by Christmas, having a home where he can live out his last few years with love and yummy food would be the best gift anyone could give him.

Many thanks to everyone for their support both financially and emotionally.

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