The Euthanasia Fund is currently at $210 out of our goal of $2,500.  This clinic is extremely important, with the price of hay and the winter coming on there are many elderly horses that are in desperate need of relief from their pain.  Please help us provide a loving, peaceful ending to their majestic lives.  Click here.

Shadow the girl cow really wants to go for a horse ride.  We finally got a horse that she thinks is big enough.  She decided to go ahead and hop on.  Thankfully Clyde didn’t mind at all, he is such a well mannered guy, and Shadow realized she couldn’t go for a horse ride after all.  You never know what is going to happen but we never expected to see this at the shelter!

We got some pictures of Clyde back when he was in pretty bad shape.  We are very thankful to the dedicated hard working people who were able to get him out of his bad situation.

It’s just so sad how skinny he was!  He is happy now and looks like he has a wonderful home lined up.

Cathy had a presentation to a group of horse lovers and two new Hoof Pals (monthly sponsors) signed up.  Great work Cathy, we can always use more support, especially money coming in every month that we can count on.

Sadly Misty the mule had to come back.  She decided that even though she had a beautiful home and large pastures she enjoyed jumping out of the pen and exploring the neighborhood.  Her adopted family was sad to see her go, but it was for her own good.

We are so happy that the family wanted to have adopted critters in their home, and they adopted 2 of the ponies from the last auction rescue.

Soon Raisin (pictured) and Nutmeg were loading up…

…and ready to head off to their new home.  We are so happy that they were able to be adopted together, they are really good friends and we know that they will have a great home together.

Dot was out working with the horses.  Diesel is such a gem and is really really going to make an awesome horse for someone.

We had a horse surrendered, her name is Sandy, she is a 19 year old Paint mare we were told was used for Barrel Racing.  She is supposed to be a fun horse to ride and is looking for a home where she can have lots of fun activities.

Copper Penny also enjoyed giving Dot a ride.  She is such a beautiful girl and will make someone a great gaited horse.  We have a lot of horses at the shelter and it would be great to have them in loving homes for Christmas.  Please remember that if you are a previous adopter in good standing or a reputable 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization, adoption fees are waived.

Thank you so much for all of your support for both emotionally and financially!

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