Thanks to a couple generous donations the Euthanasia Fund is currently at $430, thank you so much!  We still have a long ways to go, but together we know we can do it.  So many elderly horses are counting on the funds being there to end their chronic pain.  To help, click here.

Wednesday Santa’s helpers drove into the shelter.  They opened up the back and…

…it was jammed full of items that are so badly needed at the shelter.

Everyone started helping unload all the treasured items, there were so many great things!

There was a lot of sorting.  We can’t thank them enough for bringing it all to the shelter.  We really needed some new blankets and there were many beautiful blankets in the donated items.

There were lead ropes, which are always useful, and even treats for the horses too.

We had a great volunteer come out and work with the baby horses.  Sienna enjoyed the attention.  She really wants a great home!

Sienna is such a cute little girl, she tells us her Christmas wish is to be in a loving home, maybe yours?

We really appreciate knowledgeable volunteers spending time working with the horses to make them more adoptable.

The day was coming to an end.  It was so exciting putting the new blankets on the horses for the night.  It will keep them so toasty warm during the long winter nights.

You can be a secret Santa’s helper too!  Christmas is only a couple weeks away and the horses have posted their Christmas wish list.  All of the items link to Horse.com and all the items we can use any size / amount of.  Thank you for thinking of the shelter horses this holiday season!  To view the horses wish list, click here.

Thank you all for your support both emotionally and financially!

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