We are over halfway to our goal of $2,500 for the free Euthanasia Clinic, there is only $1,070 left to go! The clinic is on the 28th, so please make a donation to help us reach our goal of giving majestic senior horses the loving, peaceful end they deserve.  No horse deserves to go to slaughter and this guarantees that they will never experience the horrors of the slaughterhouse.  To help, click here.

We had two horses surrendered at the shelter.  Both of them we initially rescued but only 1 of them had been at the shelter before.  It has been a few years ago when we rescued them.

Cinnamon was rescued at the Roseville Livestock Auction at one of our monthly auction rescues thanks to donations from people like you.  If you would like to read the blog when she was rescued in 2008 click here.

Cinnamon had a surprise inside: a baby!  Come to find out her owner had bred her before sending her through the auction.  You can read her adoption update and the story of her baby by clicking here.

Brahma, Cinnamon’s baby, is a big girl now, she’s a bit over 2 years old.

Their owner really loved them but due to unexpected health reasons she could no longer keep them.  She is broken hearted but we are thankful that she was able to give them such a great home since 2008.

Buttermilk was surrendered at the shelter too.  She is about 20 years old, she has been a lead line pony and is awesome at that.

She would make a great home for a youngster who wants to be led around on their very own horse.  What an awesome Christmas present and we know she would love to be in a home for Christmas too…

Molly was adopted!  This is one very happy boy who got the best Christmas present ever.

Wilton’s old dad came out to see how he is doing and spend a little bit of time with his old buddy.  Wilton definitely enjoyed his visit.  Wilton will be going to his new home soon and we know that he will have many happy years with his new family as well.

Chip had a visitor that really liked him, we are hoping that Chip will be going home soon.  He is such a sweet boy and he really wants a great home.

Unbeknownst to us there was a Twitter contest that we won.  We won 20 books on training Mules and Donkey’s.  This will be extremely useful as mules and donkeys think very differently than horses.  We would like to thank everyone that voted for us in this contest, we really appreciate it!

We hope that you are greatly enjoying your holiday season!  As you may have noticed the blogs may be a bit more irregular during the holiday seasons, but rest assured that thanks to your generous donations and the hard work of our staff and volunteers the horses and other animals at the shelter are cared for each and every day of the year.

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