Thanks to all of your support the December Free Euthanasia clinic is at $1,893, which is enough funds to provide the Last Act of Kindness for about 12 horses.  We are so appreciative of your support in this mission of mercy and we know that financially strapped horse owners who cannot provide a loving end to their wonderful horses are so grateful too.

We received a very urgent request from a land owner who had 13 horses abandoned on his property.  The land owner has very few options, he could either put a free ad on Craigslist, which would bring killer buyers running, take them to a livestock auction where the killer buyers are waiting, or he could do the right thing and contact us.  He chose to do the right thing and is asking us for help.  He is able to donate $1,500, which is greatly appreciated, but this is not even enough for their initial intake,  much less the transportation, evaluation, and the high cost of feeding them!  We need to raise an additional $2,500 by Thursday morning, the 29th, when we are tentatively scheduled to pick them up.

From what we have been told and have seen in the pictures the horses are all up to weight, but at least one of them has a very serious leg issue that will need to be addressed right away.

Please help out however you can, these 13 lives are hanging in the balance.  Let’s bring them to safety!  Donate now: click here.

We want to catch you up with the events over the holidays.  We hope that you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a new year with hope, happiness and success in 2012!

One day over the holidays we had a whole group of willing volunteers come out, they filled up the parking lot!

A trailer also pulled into the shelter with a very precious cargo…

…a load of hay!  With our feed bill hitting $3,000 – $4,000 a month, any donations of feed or money for feed is greatly appreciated!

The volunteers got right to work cleaning pens.  We can’t thank them enough for their willingness to help out!

Sheena was adopted!  We are so excited for her as she heads off on her new life.

There were some cute noses sticking out of a trailer at the shelter.  Who were they?

Reba and Jackson were adopted!  We can’t thank Home at Last enough for making room for these two, they have been at the shelter for awhile with absolutely no interest from potential adopters.  With winter and the high price of feed we have seen a huge drop in adoptive homes, yet more and more animals need our help and are coming into the shelter, leaving us with very hard decisions, but knowing that we are saving them from slaughter makes it all worth it.

We are thankful that these two have a loving forever home.

The rescue rig headed out to pick up a horse who was in pretty bad shape.

Sammy is an older Arabian who has been having an extremely hard time keeping his weight up.

Christmas morning the horses enjoyed a special Christmas carrot treat!  They were so yummy!

Monday was a very busy day at the shelter with pens being moved and new pens being built.  We can’t thank two very hard working volunteers enough for coming out and helping us.  The day started out very sad when we lost one of the yearlings that came from auction.  Our hearts are comforted knowing that she never knew the horrors of a slaughterhouse.

Parcy and Shadow absolutely love hanging out with Clyde.  We found out that before Clyde came to us he was in a pasture full of cows, so to Shadow and Parcy Clyde smells like a big cow so it must be a big cow.

We were very happy that Cinnamon and Brama found a very loving home along with Sidney and two other horses.  5 horses were adopted Monday, it was such a great day!

As you all know Tawnee loves sunset photos, but this may be her favorite one she has ever taken.  Sammy was standing in the pasture as the sun slipped behind the horizon.  How absolutely gorgeous!

We would like to thank all those that sent Christmas gifts and cards, your thoughtfulness is amazing beyond words and is so heartwarming!

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