Yesterday we wanted to say “Yes!” when asked if we could bring 13 horses into our shelter that were abandoned.  We knew that the very real possibility existed that all 13 would be making the horrible trip to Mexico or Canada if we didn’t say “Yes!”  But we also knew that we could not possible afford to bring the 13 into the shelter without support, so we asked you to help.  The answer was very clear.  Yes you would help.  Yes you would share.  Yes you would spread the word, YES we could save them!  All of the needed funds were raised and we are ready to make the trip tomorrow morning to get the horses.  We cannot thank you enough for all of your help, almost 100 people donated what they could and it all came together.  Thank you thank you!

We would like to share some adoption stories and updates with you.  Tough Stuff was rescued in June of 2010 as a skinny little miniature stallion.

His hooves were really badly overgrown and were in terrible shape.  You can read his rescue story by clicking here.

After a stay at the vet he was a cute little gelding and his hooves had a whole new look to them.  You can read his adoption blog by clicking here.

His adoptive family write: “We call him Tuffy. He is one of our pride and joys. We have another miniature pony that is his friend. I have learned that mini’s are very social. And beings he was used to being with other minis it only seemed logical to give him a friend. As you can see is a far cry from where he was. He makes me smile on a daily basis. They both do! We just wanted to forward this picture along so you can see how far he has come. Can’t imagine life with out this little guy. It’s a tough time for horses in general. So I am thankful to have him!  Thanks!”

Tommy and Shanti were adopted into a very loving home earlier this year.  Tommy came to us because he was too much horse for his owner and Shanti came to us because her owner was no longer able to keep her.  To read the blog from their adoption day, click here.  Their adoptive family writes: “Tommy and Shanti take in the view at Hidden Falls Regional Park. Thank you Horse Plus for giving us the opportunity to enjoy these amazing horses. No surprises at all on the trails today – rock solid, curious and a joy to ride. Love, love, love them.”

 Montana was rescued from the Cowtown Livestock Auction in 2009 as a stallion.  After coming to us he was gelded and found a wonderful home.

    Today Montana is more gorgeous than ever and thriving in his wonderful home.  When he was adopted his family also adopted Coco.

  Coco was a little bedraggled yearling when she came to us.  We rescued her in 2008 from the Roseville Livestock Auction which is now closed.  We knew that she would be a beautiful horse some day and we really hoped that she would find that forever loving home.

 Today Coco is unbelievably beautiful and thriving in her home.  Her adoptive family writes: “This was her first ride. She has turned out to be an amazing horse. She wanted me to tell you thanks for saving her. 😉 Montana said the same….”

  Tawnee says that Honey, who is currently at the shelter waiting for adoption, reminds her a lot of Coco.  She is a poor little bedraggled horse that is just waiting for a family to love and cherish her.

  We would like to thank each and every one of you that donate to make rescues and happy endings possible.  If it wasn’t for the generosity of donors just like you, we would never have been able to rescue the horses in this blog, or the hundreds of other horses that come through our shelter every year.  Thank you!

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